Victoria Ocampo House Open


Jun 18, 2005
Victoria Ocampos family home wasn't open to the public when i first came here. it is now. i went today. She is a famous writer and editor of the magazine Sur. She invited many famous people to her home. Check out this website, select English, and see photos and info about her life. Check the menu on this site.
Take subway to end of theC line at Retiro then a train To Beccar station. Its the line that goes to Tigre and Beccar is one station after San Isidro. Then walk 6 blocks towards the river on Uriburu street. she used to own 6 hecta acres, now its 1. Trivia: big time businessman lives in the mansion next door etc. he was a well publicized kidnapping case i was told.

The 2nd floor isnt open to public yet. her bedroom, office, and famous library. the furniture is held up by the post office.

They had a fire on the top floor in 2003 and a very mysterious midday
robbery of over 10 rugs and valuable photographs, many autographed. This is a significant loss. of course no one was caught. when i asked the excellent guide why the pablo picasso rugs werent stolen she said she thinks they didnt want to take anything that identifiable.

In several months, less than a year she is sure, they will open up the other floor with victorias private rooms and famous library.

They have a small restaurant. you can sit on the back porch.

Admission is now 10 pesos and worth it. Its only open on Sat. and Sun. from 2pm to 7pm. There were quite a few people there this weekend. you can linger in the garden and read etc. no rush to leave. Ive also been to her house in Mar del plata which is used as a cultural center. didnt have much in the way of furnitute when i was there. the guide also talked about her
Palermo Chico house (its now called Casa del cultura al fondo), which is used for another purpose now. i might check that out one day too.
Also see, there is a map here (click on map to enlarge),