Villa 31


Looking for a local guide/escort to come with me into Villa 31 ...I want to understand, document and experience it with my camera.

Send me a message if you can be of help. Thank you in advance.


You will have to find someone from the Villa itself. There are things called neighbours associations, but your best bet is to hook up with the groups that work wit the cartoneros - since many of the residents are cartoneros. There are a few such groups around.


Please keep in mind that this is delicate because these are people's homes and there are many ill-intentioned folk (not nec. yourself) who enjoy going about gawking at the misery of others as a form of "solidarity tourism". Even those who see this a way of somehow improving the lot of the impoverished rarely take into account the intrusive character of their tourism.

If you truly have your heart set on going in, i agree w/ wreReynolds: go with friends who live there, which implies taking the time to develop friendships and to put yourself on an equal footing, which won't be fast.