Warning: Gun Robbery in Palermo


Feb 12, 2009
Last night my son and his friend were robbed at gunpoint by two men asking for a "light."It was late at night, only blocks from my home, so they didn't think it was worth getting a taxi.

Thankfully, all my son lost was his watch and not his life. His friend ran away during the robbery to try to find a cop. Thank you to the kind stranger who came along, calmed my scared son down, and walked him home to my door.

So, Palermo Soho residents and visitors, beware of two non-English speaking men who may approach you for a light or a cigarette, or anything else. They will be persistent, and they will follow you no matter how fast you speed up your walking.

These are only 19 year old boys who had been warned repeatedly about the risk of robbery here ---I was very surprised about the gun, though my son said he wasn't sure if it was real.

Feliz Navidad y'all ... I got what I want for Christmas: my son back alive and unhurt (though it scared him and his friend to the core). We will have a quiet little asado at home, then they fly home to Minnesota the next day.
Thank God they had Angels on their shoulders....and all turned out fine....

Merry Christmas....
Horrible. Glad to hear your son and his friend are ok.
These types of crime events should be broadcast to all tourism agencies & news media outside of Argentina. The growing crime rate in Argentina should NOT be hidden any more. The Gov authorities here need a a good 'kick up the backside' and be removed from their positions for being so grossly incompetent with regards to Law & order, not to mention all the other list of failures.

Yes gun crimes occur in many other cities around the globe but why should it be something that we have to grow to accept as a fact of life here?.

Lucky that no one's been seriously hurt this time. Please take care everyone & merry xmas to all.
I'm glad that they are both ok, it must have been a very hard experience for them.

I'm curious, have any of the members of this forum been the victims of a robbery here in BA?
the same thing happened to me around 7am last sunday in San Telmo.

watch out
one year ago, corner of fitzroy and costa rica my friend and i were robbed by two fake transvestites at 5am while walking home. No gun, knife, just a fast approach, groping in pockets with the premise of a sexual advance. They stole my friends cell phone but we persued them and took it back. They were surprised by our fast response and taken off guard, jumped into a waiting car and sped off. If they wielded a weapon we may not have responded.
Crime Worsens for Fourth Straight Month

The rate of crime rose again last month, making October the fourth consecutive month of increases, according to a new study.

Torcuarto Di Tella University’s latest crime “victimization rate” survey indicates that both overall criminal activity and violent crime worsened last month.

Di Tella’s study, which surveys households in 40 urban centers around the country, shows that 34.6% of these homes said at least one household member was a victim of a crime within the past 12 months.

That figure is up a bit from 32.7% the previous month and up from 29% a year ago. That puts crime up about 19% on the year and up almost 6% on the month.