Watch Glen Beck now!


Jul 27, 2006
Then criticize him.

(It's on at 7 PM BA time.)

And yes, I know his first name is spelled with two n's.

It was a typo.
Glenn Beck, Fox News' crybaby.

I heard he flipped flopped on Global Warming, he now believes it is man made.

The only thing I agree with him on is his take on Gold and hyperinflation in the U.S.
Beck as well as all other clowns along with Alaska Barby - agents of influence. They are planted into some healthy movements in order to divide and/or compromise these movements. When I've heard that Beck joined Ron Paul's side, I understood "their" Machiavellian approach. Now people who likes Ron Paul and has a bit scorched temper may start seen this clown Beck as a destruction for any conservative thinkers. His photos and speeches with references to National Socialists of Germany back in 1927-1945 could scare some folks out.
So this moron will create credibility damage within Republican party itself.
When Alaska's Barby entered with her stupid "kitchen" speeches at Nashville Tea Party Convention we understand that shit either.
"They" are see the healthy movement starts grow here and there. People get educated finally and we just need some more time to come-up on a few solid points, like abolishing FRS, no to 16th Amendment, no to 10th Amendment, and look for 14th either (, u'name'it.
So, just as Dr.Paul once said that as soon as these major things will be return back to its fundamental Constitution's set, things will start heal-up by themselves bc society is ready to get back to normal.

Folks, take a look at some of these videos, especially Dan Gonzales one, you'll get a word from the active fighters with lairs and clowns of all shapes and forma:
this is a re post from another similar thread where i posted earlier:

Glenn Beck is nothing but a corporate shill, a bought and paid for employee whose job is meant to deceive and distract, nothing more. He is what you would call "controlled opposition". Google it people.

There's no question that he speaks some truths. There's no question he makes sense a lot of the time. All of that is planned and designed on purpose to gain our trust or the trust of the major opposition(tea party movement), only to betray and lead astray that movement at key points of real change. This is how you control the opposition, by pretending to be the leader of the opposition.

At key points he will say or act contrary to his actions up to that point, which serves to divert or kill any momentum of the movement. He will sabotage other, true leaders of the movement such as Ron Paul or Debra Medina in her race for governor of texas - because the true goal was to reelect incumbent governor and globalist/bilderberg Rick Perry.

Again, this is not about democrat vs republican. Stop wasting your time worrying about that nonsense. This is about Glenn Beck furthering the agenda of the global elite and the bankers that are bankrupting the united states and Europe.

Do not be fooled by this wolf in sheep's clothing.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Pikto - I understood a little of what you said, but your writing style, forgive me, makes it very difficult for me to understand what exactly you are trying to say in some cases.

First, Glenn Beck is harping on the Republicans as hard as he is on the Democrats.

Second, he didn't join "Ron Paul's side" - he actually has accused Ron Paul in the past of being a bit nuts and a dangerous revolutionary. I haven't seen him go back on that statement.

As far as that goes, I haven't seen Ron Paul get close to the Tea Party Movement, if that's what you meant.

Third, I don't know what you meant by "His photos and speeches with references to National Socialists of Germany back in 1927-1945 could scare some folks out." Just doesn't tell me what you're trying to say. I know he mentions the Nazis quite often in relation to what both parties are doing to the country, in a bad way - and with things that both Bush and Obama have done I have to agree with him.

Ther est of your post has so many grammatical errors, out of place words, etc, that I really can't make heads nor tails of it.
redrum - I sit on the fence about Beck. I have no reason, personally, to think he's what you say he is. I have never seen him say anything completely untrue, although he does exaggerate at times, for sure.

I'm a fan of Ron Paul, being a Libertarian myself.

But if I thought that anyone who said something bad about someone else I agree with was therefore against what I and the first guy believe in, I wouldn't be able to listen to anyone about anything.

Tonight I was impressed with Beck - he interviewed Massa, the ex-congressman who says Rhom Emmanuel threatened him naked in the shower (and so on). This would have been a wet dream for anyone trying to attack the administration or the Democrats themselves. For someone like Hannity, an idiot bulldog, he wouldn't have really even listened to what Massa said and would harp on "strong arm tactics of the administration."

Beck, in just a few minutes, realized that this guy was a compelte whack job, told him he was a pussy for giving in if he really believed he was doing the right thing, and even apologized to his listeners for wasting their time because he actually thought Massa was going to talk about corruption and didn't.

I completely believe that Obama and his administration is capable of what Massa accused them of. I have very little doubt that a lot of that shit goes on - on BOTH sides.

Washington is so screwed up, and Obama pushing his ridiculous health plan in the middle of us having so much debt, trying to push the country further into debt than Bush left us (by multiples!), makes obvious that there are serious problems. Particularly when they all repeat that they are going to pass this health care plan no matter they have to do - in public speeches - even though the majority of Americans, according to jsut about all polls, realize that the particular plan Obama is trying to push through is garbage.

So Beck is pointing this out (among other things) quite nicely - and this makes him a corporate hack?

BTW - I don't remember Beck saying anything about the race in Texas. I follow that race, actually, being from Texas. Rick Perry has done pretty good for Texas overall, and Hutchison has been a pretty good senator as well. They are both, in their way, incumbents, and I'd never heard of Medina before until the primary race. The fact is, with two popular Texas Republican politicians, I doubt that she would have had a chance, but Glenn Beck didn't have anything to do with that as far as I know.

BTW - I have read up and get emails from the Tea Party movement. Is that what you're talking about related to Paul being a leader? I think you're wrong about that if you are. Maybe I just haven't heard of his involvement with them, and I would be surprised if he was a part of that, him being pretty much a lone wolf rebel.

If you mean a part of the Libertarian movement, well, that's a different story. But Beck surely won't make me (or anyone that understands Libertarinism anyway) think any less of Ron Paul. Most people have no real idea what Libertarianism is about anyway and neither Beck nor Paul are really going to convert anyone to Libertarianism (or against).

And everyone else will not listen to Beck anyway.
orwellian said:
Glenn Beck, Fox News' crybaby.

I heard he flipped flopped on Global Warming, he now believes it is man made.

The only thing I agree with him on is his take on Gold and hyperinflation in the U.S.

Crybaby? Because he gives the Republicans as much grief as the Democrats? Because he points out how the Democrats have been taken over by the far left and the Republicans by the far right? Of all the guys on Fox, he's one of the few who I can actually agree with on quite a few things. If you're going to tell me he's just a pawn of the "global elite" I'm going to have to tune out though ;) He's about as close as I've heard anyone in public come to saying that the US needs a new revolution.

And you "heard" that he flopped on Global Warming? Dude, you know that's one of the things you and I agree on. I watch Beck quite a bit and I have seen him talk about Global Warming being a bunch of BS. Maybe I missed his flop?
Well, my earlier post as well as this one used to be spellcheked by MS Word-07.
If you or anyone has a problem to read what I am saying, sure, I’ll admit – English is not my native language. But sinse MS Word does not strikes that green underline I'm assuming that sentence and grammar is more-less English.
First, Glenn Beck is harping on the Republicans as hard as he is on the Democrats.

A reference for G.Beck’s closing in to Dr.Paul’s agenda:
Glenn Beck: Now, we always have Ron Paul on when we talk about the economy, because Ron and I are … well, he’ll probably disagree with and so would many of his supporters … but I think we’re pretty close to lockstep on many of the things that he believes in the economy. The Fed is absolutely just evil. We have gone away from the gold standard, we’re spending money like crazy people, and we’re destroying our nation. We’re just destroying it.
I also think of Ron Paul and I as in the same territory when it comes to progressives and the idea of the big government, and he is probably closer to our founding fathers than probably anybody else out there right now, as far as the understanding of limited government goes…

“…because Ron and I are … well, he’ll probably disagree with and so would many of his supporters…”
Disagree with what? Disagree with Mr. Beck, Mr. Paul, about economic predictions and prospects outlined by Dr. Paul? At which point Dr. Paul’s supporters do not support him? This is plain Grand’o’Latte Bullshit. Supporters of Dr. Paul do support him for exact reason, and this character is trying to feed both sides of the battlefield. Characters like Beck should run on their own.

And not just G.Beck who begins to “share” their opinions with Dr.Paul. They just see that the movement against “All Time Crooks&Liers” is getting increasingly dangerous. For them.
So now even Barney Frank ( hurrying-up to “support” Dr.Paul’s allegations against FRS in particular.
They tricky step would be to allow Congressional Committee to investigate but under certain “rules and limitations”. What happening now, during all these “legal” obstacles that this “Transparency Act” is in very slow progress, simply bc, “they” creating some interior “bunkers” and hide-outs for their most precious shit to slip away from the Committee. They cannot hide this crap anymore but they also not ready yet with another plan to screw us again with another scheme.
Just for someone who might getting exciting too early with this “Transparency Act”:
Remaining Milestones Still Ahead
According to Ron Paul’s video update, now that the bill has passed the House, the following milestones are still ahead of us:
• “It has to go through the Senate; it’s going to have a harder time in the Senate.
• Then it has to go to a conference committee and that’s another problem.
• And then it has to go to the President.
• And even if it goes through all that, we still have the courts to deal with, and courts have never been friendly to those of us who want honest money.”
His photos and speeches with references to National Socialists of Germany back in 1927-1945 could scare some folks out.
This character does some freaking photo shoots in German uniform with facial expression pretty darn recognizable as Mussolini. What is so fanny and WHAT IS THE POINT? Yes, maybe Germans and Italians were harsh to some nations or races, so what? They tried and had being shot. What is his point?
Then who is more “revolutioned”- him or Dr.Paul?
As far as his own “commonsensuable” and “valuable” demagoguery references to National Socialists in Germany and they experimental eugenics back in these years, read here: