waxing (different types) / laser


Apr 27, 2009
I have tried different places for waxing, but all of them use this brown wax they pull off with their hands.

Is there a place (preferably in or near recoleta) where they use the white wax they put on with a roller and take off with a paper? (no idea how they call that).

I know there is a thread about laser, but did anyone actually get her legs done here in Argentina? How did that go? where did you go?
I'm curious why you prefer the paper removal? I find the 'descartable' where they pull it off in one fell swoop much less painful and also much more effective and long-lasting, especially the places where they wax your legs twice.

I go to a place called Depilacion + on Santa Fe 2650, they wax each area twice to get the big and then the smaller or straggler hairs. You're in and out in 20 minutes - crazy fast - and it's ridiculously cheap for the descartable, and even CHEAPER for the comun (they stuff they reuse) but to have your own wax is only about 5 pesos more so it's worth it I think.

But, to answer your question I've never seen the paper removal style of wax here.

Also, there were some girls who did laser here and were pretty pleased with the result. Hopefully they post answers for you!
Hi Katti,

I have not seen the type of waxing that you are looking for, every wax I have had here is with the brown, reusable wax.

However, I have had laser hair removal both here and in NYC. My experience is that it is done in a much more professional manner here in Buenos Aires. I went to a "top salon" in NYC (now in the news for the "vajazzling" treatments it offers. ick!) for 5 treatments and the girl who administered the treatment looked like she was still in high school. Here in Buenos Aires, the cost for the service is about 1/4 of the cost in NYC, and the person performing the procedure is a doctor. It has worked perfectly (both here and in NYC, to be fair to the teenager) as the technology / technique is pretty much the same in both places.

I have had my underarms done here in BA for the first time, and after only 3 treatments, I have minimal and very fine hair that grows in slowly. I shave that area once every two weeks now. I haven't had my legs done, because you have to keep the region on which you are having work done out of the sun during the duration of time between treatments, and for me that's not feasible, as I love to swim and wear skirts.

I went to Lasermed on Pueyrredon for my initial visit and then to the location downtown on Maipu twice.

PM me if you have more questions.
I go to a British expat who has a waxing studio in her apartment in Recoleta. I have Brazilian bikini waxes done by her and they're at least as good as any I paid 3x as much for in NYC. As a bonus, she is hilarious and you'll have a good chat while she's pouring hot wax on your nether-regions. www.ladygardens.net
I can also vouch for ladygardens! Sarah is wonderful and professional, does a great job downstairs and doesn't re-use wax like many salons here.
I also have gone to the DEPILACIÓN + place on Santa Fe. It is way cheaper than the one I used to go to (Thiara, on Las Heras and Junin) and was really fast. They have a ton of rooms. Maybe it was just the girl that did me but I think they were a bit messier than Thiara, I ended up with more little random pieces of wax on me than normal...but for the price it was definitely worth it!!
Do Depilacion offer walk-in waxing or do you have to make an appt? Thanks!
Ive done laser in Bs As, Palermo area, exactly 1/4 of the cost in NYC, but done by a medical doctor. I started early last year and had a session every two months for six times. I am satisfied with the procedure. It doesnt hurt and it doesnt smell anything. PM if you need the info of the medical doctor.

By the way, the first thing the doctor said is that it is better to have thick, dark hair, with a white skin because the laser "looks for" the melanine present in the black thick hair.
I go to sarah as well (I think she just getting back from vacation now) and she's definitely a great gal to go to. I'm a huge baby when it comes to my waxing and she's professional, patient, and hilarious! Since she's been gone for about a month, I just went to a place the other day and made sure they were using fresh wax, but no papers and they did a good job and were fun. I don't remember the name right now but it's on santa fe in-between aguero y bulnes stations. Tiara or Thiara? something like that.

I've had bad experiences here with paper and I'd definitely recommend to stay away from them!