What are you reading?


Sep 26, 2005
I seem to get through books at a rate of knots. Half way through "Nadie Fue" by Juan B Yofre, in Spanish of course which takes time.It's about the last months, weeks and hours of Maria Estela Martinez de Peron in power.It's a real eye opener, especially as I was living here then and was in town the night she was deposed by Videla. It was an awful time and I'm trying to learn more about it.Are there any books in English on this subject?
Has anybody read Kureishy? I enjoyed very much My oido en su corazon and now I'm attempting Intimacy. Kureishy is english born but of pakistani descendant, I like his books but at the same time there is always a gloomy or bleak outlook, in intimacy its his perspective in marriage and couples in general which leave you kind of reflecting is this all we can expect from marriage and living together? Hope that not.
I fully recommend it
I just read it! I loved it! I am a bit more romantic than that but I enjoyed it immenselyI can´t get enough books here, I keep reading in English even though I am quite capable of reading in Spanish. The last one in Spanish I read was Orgullo y Perjuicio (Jane Austen!) Natty
Thanks Natie, I will carry on, sometimes midthrough you feel that it isn't worthwhile but then some pages later that feeling dissapears.
I'm very impressed by the amount of bookshops that sell books in English. A good example of how cosmopolitan Bs As is.
One of the best is Kel Ediciones in Cap Fed, martinez, Belgrano and other locations. Take a look at www.kelediciones.com
Also El Ateneo have a great selection. Just finished Nadie Fue and it certainly seems to have sharpened up my Spanish, although it was a struggle at times. Back to Tom Clancy for a while now...