What to do in Pinamar/Carilo?


Nov 21, 2008
Apart from breathing pure air by the seaside, what to do in (off the season) Pinamar/Carilo? I am going there this week end and would like to know more (art galleries, culture, restaurant..)Gracias
cricri, I highly doubt you will see any art galleries or cultural events this time of the year. Probaby a few restaurants will be open on Shaw ave and that is pretty much it. You can play golf and go to the beach in Pinamar. Carilo will have even less places open. Nice places to relax though
Pinamar / Carilo you can do a tour that is 4x4 driving across the dunes, followed by sandboarding (snowboarding on the dunes), followed by some other activities. You can also rent quad bikes and go up the dunes.

We did this off-season one time. Other than that it was pretty dead. There is a place for fantastic hot chocolate and that's about that.

Even on the long weekend (the 9th of Oct) there will be a few more activities but not a tonne, simply because it's still really cold out on the coast, so not a lot of people around. The "bohemian" markets are open and you can have a little browse around.

Make sure you bring fleece, hat, glove, scarf etc if you plan on walking on the beach -- the wind is freezing this time of year.

But don't despair -- we usually end up out at the coast in the off season too, just because my mother in law has a place out there. There's not a lot to do but it's relaxing all the same, play some tennis, go for a walk, make an asado etc.
Thank all of you for your tips. I am back from a two-day break in Carilo, and was totally "cut from the rest of the world", just walking and breathing in the pine tree areas. A wonderfull escape to be recommended