What's happening with Aerolineas / Ezeiza


Nov 2, 2007
What is happening with Aerolineas? Apparently they are having some labor problems and a lot of flights are being cancelled. They don't answer their phones. Anyone have any information? I know that there are labor problems at Ezeiza affecting all airlines but it seems Aerolineas has its own problems. Any info would be appreciated.
My flight was delayed by 4 hours coming back from Rio. It seems the strike is not Aerolineas but Aerohandling. They are the ones that move luggage, drive the buses and place the stairs for you to get off the plane. It sucks.
My flight out was delayed by an hour because no one could get through check in. That was with American Airlines one of the most punctual airlines. I thought at the time it was just reciprocity, sort of back at you yanquies. There were four flights all to the US with queues that stretched the length of the terminal building.
I was told that this has always been an ongoing problem with Aerolineas since last year. Labor issues,etc. But luckily our American Airline and Continental flights left BsAs on time. Last traveller in our group left Ezeiza last week and came into Houston as expected, on time. Luggages arrived intact, so far no problems getting out Ezeiza with America, Continental, Delta and United.
Now getting into BsAs posed a problem for us at one time suring a trip into BsAs late last year, our luggages had to be delivered to us , since we landed at a time that there were no aerohandlers to process incoming luggages. But Continental and United, delivered our luggages in C.F. without charge and before midnight of the day that we arrived.
I have heard that over 3,000 Aerolineas passengers have been stranded. Is there any hope that service will return to normal soon? Any one out there who has recently taken Aerolineas on international flights?
OMG, tangobob this is horrible - throwing things at employees? That's brutal? I am surprised there were no police reports filed in conjunction with this attacks to employees. Is this a common reaction, re: strikes? In the US, people have been known to respect the picket line - most people will not cross it. Since most people here know of someone who is a union member.
So what happens now? What about the kids and elderly that are stuck at the airport with tickets and cannot leave what does the Argentina Aviation organization have in place to protect the consumers when it comes to something like this? There must be something in place for cases like this.
I am just surprised that there was no mention of what the government is doing to resolve this issue ASAP. Passengers are waiting...
I have been accused of being sycophantic and very pro Argentine, so this may suprise you, but I think Aerolineas never has had much regard for their customers. I have used them since 2004 mainly because they were the cheapest, but having seen how they treated some of their passengers during this time, last year I finally decided never to use them again.
I saw one Indian couple who were on a weekend to Madrid (from UK) who they allowed to check in and then told them the flight was delayed twelve hours, and "no" they could not have their luggage back.
On the same flight was a group of school pupils, one of whome had been killed on the roads of BsAs, left in departures for twelve hours with no hope of catching their connecting flight afterwards.
The total mess that was this flight would take too long to describe here, but my letter to Aerolineas was met with a polite HARD LUCK, but please use this number if you want to fly again.
So I am not really suprised that customers are rioting, only suprised it has not happened sooner.
So does anyone have any update on this? It seems like this was just swept under the rug kinda issue. I was searching for updates online and can't seem to find any. Like Ariel had originally asked...what's happening with Aerolineas?