When does class start at UBA?


Jun 11, 2008
Hello all,
I am planning on taking a spanish class at UBA in October. My problem is that their website does not clearly tell me what day the classes start or when I have to register/take the placement test. Since I am planning my trip around this class when do you think I should arrive in BA? I am thinking the last week of September.
Thanks for your help! - Munch
What courses do you intend to take, MM? The Laboratorio de Idiomas of the UBA, for example, does note dates on its website. Remember, too, that although the southern hemisphere adheres to the same academic calendar as the northern -- matriculation in autumn, graduation in springtime -- the seasons are reversed: for most courses in the UBA, September is likely to be in the middle of the academic year.
Hi Munch - If you're talking about the monthly classes I can help, I've got the schedule from UBA as I'm taking a class there too. It says that the October course runs Monday 6th to Thursday 30th, with registration on Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th September. If you email them they will send you an online placement test & course details. Let me know if you need an email address for them & I'll dig it out.