When Hell Freezes Over


dashendeavors said:
And... cutsiecutsie little Sarasara, there's an angry mob that's looking for a nasty goon. I'm sure you would qualify.

Sorry if I offended you - my apologies.

SaraSara, "cutsiecutsie nasty goon"

p.s. Your moniker is really funny - great sense of humor...!


Just when I lose my faith in humanity I see... human beings! (...and I'd had a few after the first two critiques, so thanks for having a good sense of humor yourself.)


You’re doing just fine, dear.
Here is my 5 cents.
…Obama's to freeze the budget is a move right out of the handbook on 'end-game' destruction by Socialism,
Well here you hit the right spot. Please get some data in regards of Socialism as a doctrine.
And remember one thing: in Socialism all the society gains and losses are shared equally.
The current US situation as some writers may unequivocally put as a way to “socialism”. Only public (or society) burden is present, not gains. “Our” gains are remaining in some very private hands. What we have in US is a classic state of corporative fascism.
So please, choose your definitions more carefully.

My thesis is rooted mostly in the mythology that has been expressed in art since the fall of the Roman Empire as doctrinaire religions became the way to control the masses.
I don’t think there is any clear starting point. Masses being in control at very early stages, as soon as they realized how easy is to lure a mammoth or caribou into a primitive trap by gather together. Once they gathered – they developed and chose their Leader. Then the Leader starts to understand his/her benefits as a Ruler, Chief. All the emotions and mixture of behaviors multiplied by these emotions then bound by grown characteristics of individual life development. Lifestyle, living examples, social consciences, personal temper, etc. – it’s all in one boiling pot cooking for so many years. Every person tends to lie, still, abuse. But also could have faith, love, honor, and all other great characteristics of human behavior.
In reality and at any given time frame we could gather for very good things together and just few hours later show some disrespect to seemingly acceptable rules.
Some of us gets behind or beyond socially developed “group boundaries” that we call laws and rules. Some of us will die but not cross certain things.
Roman Empire or any political, religious or territorial formation or state has nothing to do with imposition of the worst behaviors on humans. Some groups do keep their formations and hidden (not publicly announced) rules for so many years. There always “rule of benefit” in count.
Anything happened – look who’s benefited from such action.

It will never stop. Not even after Hell freezes over and then later pass another Global Warming.


dashendeavors said:
These curious puzzles of theology, spirituality, and the quantum physics of consciousness and matter became the motivating force of my life that drove me to explore and hopefully understand with greater clarity how they all fit together and why.
Deep stuff. You neglected to bring in relativity theory and particle physics.

So why don't you believe in magic?