Where can I buy some household things?


Feb 3, 2008
Hey all,
I am looking for some advice on where the best place to buy some things is:
  • Household items: cutting board, extension cord, power strip
  • Quality sheets and towels (not one that look like cheese cloth)
  • LCD screen for computer (mine did not make it from NYC - see below)
Thanks for any help!
I would check Jumbo's at Unicenter for Towels...I purchased a set of nice fairly thick cotton towels there last Spring, prior to our container arriving. They were made in Brazil..that seems to be the key..better cotton there. Haven't bought sheets here brought all of mine from the States...but check where they are made..there is a bedding store not far from Jumbo's and also one on the second floor near the Coffee Store I believe.
Wood or good plastic cutting board? There's a great kitchen store in Martinez just a block or 2 up from the train station called Mr. Presents...lots of good quality items there, they close mid day and open again later afternoon.
Jumbo's or Easy for extension cords or power strip...LCD for computer...at a loss here but there but I am sure someone else can help you there..
Happy shopping!!
Musimundo or Compumundo are both good candidates for computer screens. Both have locations within a couple block of each other on Santa Fe near Riobamba and Junin and also in the same shopping center with Easy and Jumbo on An Int Bullrich in Palermo.
LCD order from DELL -- about 3 weeks wait but you'll pay just slightly more than in the States -- my 22" was 1399 pesos including taxes and shipping. Everywhere else more expensive and/or worse quality. If you can wait, definitely go the Dell route -- on top of that you get a garantia.
Sheets -- pay more for them, it's worth it -- there's a few home stores in the malls -- Alto Palermo / Paseo Alcorta etc. Also if you go to Dream Time or Dream Shop or whatever it's called, they have decent, as does KingKoil.
Housewares -- you want to go to the restaurant district and you'll find everything you need in Avenida Jujuy about the 1400 block -- EVERYTHING -- it's wholesale for restaurants, but individual buyers can go as well -- you can buy as little as one fork, one plate etc. It's great if you buy a set of dishes and break one (or glasses, as seems to be our problem!)
Thanks for the advice. We went to Easy, Musimundo, and Alto Palermo today. We're going to go back to Jumbo tomorrow (just too tired today).
One more question - anyone know where I can get a power strip that takes U.S. power cords as well as Argentinean? I've seen them but couldn't find one today.
Hey Dave- I see you made it here okay. There is a place in BA call the Casa de Transformers. Parnana 220 http://www.alamtec.com.ar/ That sells transformers and US and Argentina power strips. The Mr. President's Bizarre is located in Olivos (2 blocks north of the Mitre station). Also at Easy stores you can find UPS for computers, etc.
Hello, I figured that I'd write a post in this same category rather than start a whole new thread. DOes anyone know where to purchase middle of the road furniture? Something similar to Ikea (but I know there is no Ikea here)? I don't have very much storage space for clothes and food in my apartment, so I'd like to buy some furniture that is solid but not too expensive. Any ideas would be appreciated!
Hi. You can check out EASY (most often than not next to JUMBO) for storage shelves and bins. Usually the best furnitures (ones that are comfortable and long lasting) will cost some money, even the used furniture stores all around the city is no longer on the inexpensive option.
Good luck. You will like Buenos Aires now that it is starting to get warm.