Where can I get a good cup of coffee?


Feb 3, 2007
I have tried to buy coffee in most cafees in BA but it has been impossible for me to find a very good high quality coffee as forexampel from Costa Rica og Columbia.

I read on this homepage that Nespresso should open her i BA, and I also found a shop in Ricoleta but they only sold the machines and not coffee to drink. I have tried Matinez and it was okay but could be better

Can anybody help me?
there is a great place in recoleta village that sells all coffee from around the world and you can order ethiopian kenyan columbian and guatemalian brands ,
They serve over 20 versions by the cup . They are excellent and are located near the cinemas on first floor
the coffee is no good in argentina. hasnt been since i first arrived years ago. no point in saying more. like the cheese, pastries, etc. disappointment is just a cup away.
Well jerry you have tried to steal my thunder here.. Yes overall coffee is not very good here and compared to my home town of Sydney or Melbourne Australia who have some of the best coffee in the world.
Recoleta Village has a great range though and I do recommend them.
Regarding cheeses in Argentina Jerry has a good point when he says they are bad quality most of them taste like cheap rubber too me but you can find a great provoleta at times.
Meat is tremendous though Try La Cabrera or Don Julio in Palermo Viejo for great parilla. For Pizza try Guerrin On Avenida Corrientes that is by far the best in town and is an institution here.
Thank you very much although it is depressing news. I will try the coffee place near the cinema and keep on looking. If I should be finding another place I will keep you posted

I find the coffee better than average at Petit Colon near the Teatro Colon. Expensive though. In general coffee here is strong but without much flavor. Valenti in Patio Bullrich has some nice cheese. Also expensive. I find the bigger problem is the lack of good fresh vegetables - also lack of variety of vegetables.