Where is this going?


Dec 13, 2007
I'm not American, but am interested in US politics. However, what I've read here has very little to do with party politics. I was hoping that Democrats would be arguing about who would make the best presidential candidate, or tipping people off about things to read about US foreign policy under Bush.

I for one would like to say that I'm reading Naomi Klein's La Doctrina del Shock / The Shock Doctrine, which attempts to expose the "shock and awe" policies of the Bush league as a product of Milton Friedman's school of economic theory. The way the US has acted in places like Chile and Argentina, as well as in the 911 crisis and the New Orleans disaster, seems to be good evidence that there is a consistent approach of taking advantage of temporary chaos in order to implant misguided American economic policies (sometimes called radical capitalism, or capitalist fundamentalism) in other countries.

Any Democrat and Republican takers on this kind of topic?
Klein is a lightweight. And US policies are not misguided but designed to secure access to foreign markets for US multinationals. After the Spanish-American war, where US took over Spanish colonies (Philippines, Cuba), it ousted the Nicaraguan President in 1907, and has been meddling in other countries' affairs ever since (Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, Chile, etc., etc.).
It doesn't make a rat's ass worth of difference whether a scumbag Democrat gets elected or an even bigger scumbag of a Republican.