Where to buy Essential Oil?


Jan 27, 2010
Hey guys,
Since I arrived to BA I am in search for a place to buy essential oils. I would prefer find a "real" shop to buy it more than ordering it on the internet.
Thank you very much you would help me a lot.
You might check the diatetica shops or else even go to any professional massage businesses.

Where I get massages they have a very light oil that doesn't stain your clothes...I am sure they mix it...but would be happy to ask the owner where she gets her oil and will let you know.
There is a place on Corrientes near Callao. It is a book store, but looks very upscale hippie from the outside. I cant remember the name of it exactly, but it is in English and I believe it is something about natural or naturally. They have real essential oils although they are expensive. Most of the ones that you find around town are 'esencias' which means 'essence of' not essential and therefore fake scents. Good luck on your search!
ok, I swung by the place today. It is called "Deva's; Natural Tradition". Their website is www.devas.com. The one I was thinking of is Corrientes 1752, near the corner of Callao. They also have other locations. In addition to the holistic bookstore that I mentioned before they also have skin care products and lotions. Hope that helps.
Thank you very very much you really helped me a lot. I spent hours running through Palermo without success... now I guess I found what I searched for.
hi, I buy essential oils quite a lot for use in the face and body care products that I make. I usually get my oils at:
Jemco, Perón 940, piso 3
Balvanera, Hipolito Yrigoyen 2476
I have bought from Deva's in the past, which is a lovely place, but much pricier than the others.
I'm from Canada and had some problems finding essential oils in B.A. I don't leave any were near the capital so I had to find oils close by. Had a nasty suprise when I went into the "santerias" for the first time and found out there oils are perfumed oils and not the real thing.
But I found this store in Pilar, zona norte called dayloplas. They sell essential oils from the Casa Gaia brand. They have places all over B.A.
this is the link


The oils are good and you can pick out the ones you like.
For any carrier oils the best thing to do is make friends with your local pharmacist and he can order them from a drug company. Thats what I had to do. The drug company has a web site. Just ask the pharmacist if he can order for you. I have found this to be quiet invalueable. Of course you have to most in bulk but it's mostly 1 liter. This is the link to the drug company.


I hope this helps.

J from Vancouver
Oils from Casa Gaia are really good they have a webpage and Wella that you can find at a Pharmacy has oils of an great quality but I think those oils are for body massage.