Where to buy good yoga mats?

any nike shop, at least my classmates got them there.
vida natural on charcas just past laprida if you´re heading in the direction of downtown. (laprida is one past aguero.) it has a big ¨yoga¨ sign outside...you can´t miss it. across from reina reech dance studio (my god).
it´s a great studio, btw, if you live in the area. send me a note if you´re thinking about trying a class. most teachers are fabulous but i can provide some recommendations. they offer classes in hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, power (once a week), and tai chi.
I've seen a few around but they're really expensive compared to home they should cost less than 80 pesos and they're selling one at the adidas store for 220 I think.
Unfortunately that's the deal here. There are none made here and import taxes are very high so they are pricey. Most yoga enthusiasts here don't use them. I see people doing all sorts of floor poses that look incredibly painful on the bare hard wood floor. They are selling them at the Bikram studio byba.com.ar but I don't know the price.
I have a couple of extras, used, which you're welcome to buy for a very low price. Let me know, I've got about 7 so don't need them all...
Try Valle Tierra on Costa Rica and Armenia..They sell some there. Otherwise, why not order one online?