Where to buy RICE MILK!


Aug 18, 2007
Hello All.. Just arrived this Saturday past. I have a highly allergic 4 year old that loves RICE MILK. Seems that all the places I visited in China town have the ricemilk but with Peanut and also soy. He is allergic to Wheat and Soy and all forms of dairy products.
Ideally we would like to buy RICE DREAM!. Please help.
Thanks.. I managed to go there (CHINATOWN) before I posted in the forum and bought that drink. Fortunately it doesn't contain any milk products or peanuts. My kid just tried it and he likes it. But at almost USD 3.00 for less than 16 oz. it's kind of steep. We visited several places and that's about it. I might try to convince them to make RICE MILK without anything else.. Still searching..
Have you tried the Dieteticas? There are loads of them, pretty much one on every street in my neighbourhood. Some better than others of course. They have plenty of gluten-free products, although I have never looked specifically for rice milk so can't guarantee that they have it.
Here's a few addresses from a website I just googled:
[*]Dietética Casablanca - Malabia 351
[*]Dietética Casa Polti - Juramento 2499
[*]Dietética Juramento - Juramento 1598
[*]Dietética Arco Iris - Av. Cabildo 3230
[*]Dietética Compostella- Migueletes y Lacroze
[*]Dietética Don Gaspar - Monroe 2789
[*]Dietética Alma Zen - Malabia 484
[*]Dietética y Bar El Artesano - Jean Jaures 1197
Also try http://www.grandiet.com/ -- there's one near me that's very good, again not sure about Rice milk specifically but you could give them a ring -- they don't post all the locations on the site it seems but they should be able to help you out.
I have a son with the same allergies. Or similar, mu son is allergic to casein, soy, gluten, and yeast.
We are going to Buenos Aires next month and I am starting to freak out because some friends over there can't find our precious rice milk!

Please let me know if you find it and where. thanks so much
They have manufactured and home made varieties in several of the grocers in Korea town - last time I bought one I think it was 14 pesos for a 1.5 litre bottle.
I suggest "la casa de Ohsawa", on Ciudad de la Paz 200 and something, in Belgrano neigbourhood. The owner makes the rice milk every morning. They sell organic food, including chicken.