Where to Buy Roast Beef

Rich One

Jul 17, 2012
Someone may know where to buy Real Roast Beef local cut either raw or oven cooked. Not to be confused with the local Rosbif cut. The local cut is crisscrossed by pieces of fat as shown below. I had a confrontation with the butcher about the subject.


I don't know either, but maybe you could ask the people at Carnes Santa Ana on Munroe in Villa Urquiza. John is Irish, he will at least know what you're talking about.
In Britain we roast all types of cuts which could be called roast beef.
They’re all around the area of peceto, cuadrada, cuadril.

Best cut for me for roasting is fore rib, which is Bife ancho with the bone and the bit of gristle cut out I believe.
And alcohol-free wine and lactose-free helado. And chimi-free chimichurri. I'm allergic to chimi. Lol
Lol I never could understand why vegans have to create new foods using words from the lexicons of animal protein . There is a vegan butcher in Villa Crespo that sells these products for double the price of real meat . One kilo of soya milanesa is 14000 pesos a kilo . No thanks

you need to figure out what part of the cow they call "roast beef" where you come from, then go to a good carniceria.
My current two favorites are Piaf, on Dorrego across from the Pulgas, and Converso, on Billinghurst and Lavalle. both are old fashioned full service guys who actually know meat and will generally cut to order, as opposed to places like RES that just get bags of whatever the central warehouse sends them.
Piaf is the best! They really know their meat, have a large selection, and will go the extra mile to cut meat to your liking