Where to dance Salsa ?


Nov 21, 2008
Where to dance salsa in Bs As if you are an absolute beginner?

It took me 1 year to have an idea how to guess or rather feel the differences/nuances in tango.
Now I would like to try on salsa. I ve been checking out at different places (La Viruta, Azucar, Estudio DNI....) On offer: salsa L.A. style, salsa de Cali, salsa cubana, salsa fusion. I feel very confused.
As in tango, I think that one should learn the classic form and then chosing to adopt a certain style (tango milonguero;neo-tango..)
Any good advice would be appreciated
I don't dance it, but I've heard from several who do that Azucar is the place. Plus, there are TWO locations.

1) Abasto (I think across from the mall)
2) Belgrano (I think on Cabildo)

That's as much as I know.
Been there done that, there is so much rubbish talked about salsa, basically it comes down to whether or not you end up in a straight line.
We rarely do salsa these days, but if anyone complains that I am not doing New York or LA or Cuban, I just tell them I am doing Chester salsa:D
That will confuse the opposition no end. My advice: as always with any dance, just enjoy, if you don't know the rules tell them "rules are for beginners"