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Jul 19, 2009
Hi Gals,

I will be moving to BA in Feb 2010 full time but am checking it out in November after our long trip of driving from Canada. After all this I need to find more of my birth control pill, Tri-Cyclen, does anyone know if this is available and, if so, do I need a doctor's prescription?

I don't know if yours is specifically available (probably as that one is one of the older tried & true ones), but you can play the "tourist card" at the pharmacy & you should be able to get it without a script. Take your package with you & explain you are here on a visit & forgot to bring your new package. That usually works.
You are not here yet so this may help you. I have had several experiences here with birth control pills. I finally had a positive one today!!!

Last year, when I started taking birth control, I could not remember the name of the pills I took in the US because I had lapsed a while in taking them. I went to the pharmacy here and said something like, “Uhhh, I would like to buy some birth control pills.” The pharmacist who could not be liable told me that, of course, I needed to have a prescription; they told me the brands here are different. They did say, though, that if I could tell them the content of the pills, they may be able to find an equivalent.

Alright, I thought, I’ll just get a simple birth control prescription! Haha! I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go to the public hospital and wait for a turno in ginecología. You get there an hour early to get a spot in line and then wait another hour to get up to the counter where they tell me there are no turnos for women who are not embarazadas, pregnant, that day. That is precisely what I am trying NOT to be.

So I go across the street to the cliníca comunitaria, and I argue with the receptionist that I need an appointment with the gynecologist (who is not there that day) to get a simple birth control prescription. She finally lets me see the general practicioner who I also argue with a bit. Finally, he gives me a couple boxes of samples from a tiny sample collection behind him and tells me how good they are because they are made by a legitimate pharmacy lab and not chorro Mexican pharmacy labs. Suffice it to say, those pills made me sick in disturbing ways. I go to Hospital Italiano, a private clinic, to see a real gynecologist about these issues. He tells me they are normal and doesn’t change my prescription.

This year, I imported some BC pills I bought in advance through mail order pharmacies, where you can buy in advance. I use Ocella, a generic of Yaz and Yasmin with no side effects. So when these ran out today, I went to farmacity (sobre Independencia y Jujuy) with my BOX of Ocella which shows the content and explained it was a generic of Yaz and Yasmin in the US and a <a href=http://argentina.pmfarma.com/noticias/noti.asp?ref=2291>press release</a> which had its contents in Spanish, and asked nicely if she would please help me find pills with an equivalent content. She was amazing. After some research, she gave me three options, including the brand name Yasmin and two “generics,” 59, 47, and 45 pesos respectively.

In fact, when I find a medication or brand that works well for me here (for simple things, I take very few medications), I save the box and write on the inside what it’s for. Then, I simple take that to the pharmacy and say, “I need this,” in Spanish, of course. In practice, you don´t really need a prescription for many common medications here.
Hey, I've lived here for 3 years - and the 1st time I just took the packet of my birth control pills to the pharmacia - they looked at it - checked out the different ingredients and gave me it - was a differnt brand from home - but same drug. And I continue to do this - no problem - no script needed, nothing. Hope this helps!
Hi girls,

Yazmin is the only type of BC available over the counter here. It didn't agree with me, and it's starting to get a lot of negative press.

Kels, check with your doctor before you leave. Where I'm from (Australia) you can legally get up to 1 years worth of BC if you tell the doc you are going O/S. Not sure if you have something like that available where you are, but it's worth asking.
Little arnold do you mean that legally Yasmin is the only birth control pill available without a prescription? Really? Regardless of the law, in practice I´ve never had a problem getting pills without a prescription. In fact, I´ve never even been asked for one.

Prices range from about 30 pesos to 65 pesos per pack. The newest, 24-day pills are the more expensive ones. My gynecologist in the States told me that these are the new wave and that they will eventually replace the 21 or 28-day method. With 24 active pills, you have a lighter period.

Similia pharmacy with several branches gives a 25% discount for birth control pills (and all medication, I believe) if you pay cash:

Av. Cabildo 1248
Tel./Fax: 4780 - 1111

Av. Santa Fé 2642
Tel./Fax: 4826-1919/0963 - 4823-2595 - 4821-4339 - 4822-1004

Av. Santa Fé 4402
Tel./Fax: 4776-4605
If you know the name of the drug they will give it to you without prescription.
tinto, i think so. i asked to purchase a different one, and i was told that i would have to get a script for anything other than yaz. this was at both a farmacity and a small pharmacy in Caballito, but we all know the rules are very flexible here. my dad got some pretty heavy sleep meds while he was here, but he had to return to the pharmacy at a particular time, i think when the boss was out! for me i think it was just bad luck...
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