Where to get business cards printed


Oct 23, 2009
Hi all,

I've been in BA for almost a month now and am from Ireland.

I'm just wondering where in BA i could get some business cards printed. Nothing fancy I can design them myself.

Thanks in advance
Staples does have business cards "Las tarjetas personales" - they cost AR$40 for 100 cards. Most photocopia places can also make them and usually are a bit cheaper.
I posted this question 6 months ago so it may still be in the archives somewhere. I ended up getting mine from a shop I just found in my local area (downtown). I think I paid around 30 pesos for 100 then. The main problem I found was they dont use a particularly good quality card.
BTW - will staples work off an adobe illustrator file?
I got mine printed at Grabatto - you can design your own card and pick out the card stock. They have a bunch of locations - I had ones done in Alto Palermo and Solar in their stands. I had personal cards printed there and they did a really nice job. If you don't require anything super special, they'll usually print them within an hour or two.
I need ones with a specific work logo. I guess i'll just try to bring the Adobe Illus. file and hope they can use that!
I'd recommend going with someone who can do offset printing, you'll get a much better deal. There's a place on Bartolome Mitre (3700ish) that does 1000 for $90 pesos, and I got quoted $140 for 1000 (I think) at a shop on Medrano, around Guardia Vieja.. there are tons on that street. I wasn't too happy with the paper of the one on Medrano, but it wasn't bad, and I haven't seen the ones from the place on B. Mitre. If you want fewer than 1000, they can do digital printing, but I'd still go with a place that has offset capabilities, as their printers will prob be better in general. And they should be able to handle an Illustrator file, if not, you can save it as a pdf or eps and they should take that (never know what version of illustrator they'll have..) also remember to convert all fonts to outlines! :)
We got our cards from Kreacom. These guys are great, and not too expensive. The cards they made for us were quality, and you should have no problem with AI files or anything of the sort. Good luck!
A bunch of fellow biz owners and I use Kreacom religiously. The people who work there are total sourpusses but the card quality is great.They are located in a building on Julian Alvarez and Juncal.