Where to shop for the freshest fish and seafood?


Feb 20, 2006
Alright, I admit it. I have succumed to the histeria over Omega 3. When you live long enough you have the opportunity to see a number of health trends come and go. So far I have seen the Grapefruit Diet, the Cottage Cheese Diet, the High Carb Diet, and the Atkins Diet gain in popularity only later to fall by the wayside with claims and scientific evidence claiming that some of these diets were excessive and harmful. Let's hope that Omega 3 will not be the next casualty. Anyway, so far I have been buying my seafood from Ostramar in Palermo. I have been hearing about some nice markets in other places (like Belgrano for instance) and would be interested in hearing about other options. Where do you do your seafood shopping?
the best seafood i found (at accessible prices, Ostramar is expensive) in the city is in the big asian supermarket in chinatown-not the small-ish one actually on arribenos but the one around the corner. it's really big and has by far the best selection of asian products as well. they stock frozen sea-food and have a large selection of fresh stuff as well. other than that, Jumbo in palermo has a pretty decent selection as well. most of the sea-food in both places is imported from chile, for some reason argentina doesn't produce a great deal of fresh sea-food although this has something to do with climactic conditions i'm lead to believe.
Apart from the above great advice, I suggest you checking the Jumbo supermarket. They sometimes have a decent offering of fresh fish & seafood. The offering is very ample if you can also take frozen stuff.
I am an old-fashioned girl and I prefer to shop at the small fish shop, "Pescadería",around the corner. I don´t like the fish sold at supermarkets, it smells strongly fishy in my opinion. You can ask your neighbours where they buy fish. I buy from F. Lacroze and Rosetti, on F. Lacroze, small fish store, very nice people, good price and fresh fish.
Good luck on your search!
Barrio Chino in Belgrano is the best... Check in CASA CHINA (with a big sign that reads Sogo or alike) and ASIA ORIENTAL. It is in Arribeños and Juramento, walking north of Juramento. Prices are great, fish is fresh, experience is nice enough to go closer to midday to even have lunch there. Enjoy! try abadejo!
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm heading out to Belgrano tommorrow. The positive of getting it there is that I can pick up some quality soy sauce and sesame oil at the same time. Now I know exactly where I'm going Thanks a million.