Why Do So Few Expats Like Cristina ?


I also wondered whether the problems with the currency exchange rates and getting money in and out of
Argentina are a big issue with expats. I realize that people can get money to Argentina at a decent
exchange rate from certain countries, but that´s not the case with all countries. If Cristina got re-elected
in future, I´d worry she´d clamp down on grey areas such as the "blue rate", Xoom, ec.


Edrooney is correct im his perception
KristiK exploits that
Macri challenges that in order to attempt to create a more balanced menemist evolution so thatthe country catches up with Peru s growth and like EVERY OTHER politician/lawyer gets to aaugment his patrimony (loot) on the side. It s a win win for everybody but (0nly temporarily) the semi enfranchised middle lower class (peron s target demo)


Invasion of our lives through the use of television network....
Im not a fan of the businesswoman in question; but it s 2012 (ok 2015) who the heck is forcing you to use a TV?

In my universe it is Machri who invades my mind when I use youtube with shameless shameless ecobici propagada.
Because some of us still sit in front of the cathode ray tube and tune in to our transistor radios dude!