Why does Argentina make it hard to deposit money in it`s banks?


I have watched some YouTube videos on TransferWise. Some posts rave about it. Some say the money they sent never arrived. TransferWise replied by posting a link directing people to scroll down and phone some numbers - but there are no numbers. I also got the impression online that TransferWise does not send money from Argentina. It`s an intereseting concept, though.
Because they know who TransferWise is, and any questions regarding the provenance of the funds are answered with one word: TransferWise.
Any questions about where TransferWise got the money from is their problem, the Arg bank doesn't need to care.
Whereas with the Mexican bank account, they need to know the accountholder well enough to have grounds for confidence that the money is legit.


The banking laws here are obtuse and old fashioned. Some of it is to try to stop tax fraud and money laundering, but some of it is just refusal to change. Even if you have an account, and want to deposit CASH, its as difficult as it can be. You cant make a deposit except using an ATM, and then you can only deposit 40 banknotes at a time, and they assume they will be 100 peso notes, so many ATM's wont accept larger than 4000 peso deposits. Then, of course, there are long lines, and, if the ATM is out of cash, it mysteriously wont accept deposits either, or, if it doesnt have an envelope, it wont take YOUR envelope, or, it just may be broken or out of service for no reason at all. None of it makes sense.


Making deposits at Banco Santander Rio (at least at the surcusal in Bahia Blanca) got much easier a couple years ago when they replaced the old automatic cajeros with machines that do not require envelopes and actually count the money, thus immediately crediting the deposit to the account. I'm not sure if they accept $200 or $500 notes as I the last cash deposit I made was all in $100 notes which I had withdrawn at an ATM (not the same machine).

I haven't been back to the bank since then. I recently started using Transferwise (instead of XOOM) to send money from my US bank to my Santander Rio account. When I need cash I use my Visa debit card at the grocery store or YPF where I can get $2000 pesos in cash with a minimum purchase of $100. I use my Argentine Visa credit card for almost all purchases (even in the small shops in the nearby village).

PS: Transferwise has been EXCELLENT. They have never asked for additional documentation (just my account information) and they have GREAT customer service representatives...on a par with the reps at Charles Schwab!!!


To renew my residency I needed to make some deposits into my Banco de Nacion account. I had done that in cash in years past. This time I wired money through a US corporation (and not large sums) and - full stop! Everything was frozen. What is worse is that my account was opened in Salta and I'm now living in BA and the 2 branches are 'separate', in that I might need to go to Salta to shake this loose. Feeling frustrated. But it's the life, right?