Why Does BA Have So Many Fifth Freedom Flights?

It's leaving out some important considerations, such as the fact that the planes aren't full on departure due to the cepo, and that most people here can't afford to travel long haul to other continents.

Also the K logic of cutting off one's nose to spite their face. By trying to clamp down on the exit of dollars, you prevent the income of them too, it's a bitch to get here geographically to begin with, and there's even less routes than a decade ago. Malaysian Airlines, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and others used to fly either direct or 5th freedom routes here, but now they don't; add in the required crew change/technical stop in GRU/GIG for 2.5 hours, and another 2 hours to get here and you need damned near an entire day from some parts of the world.

If I were the government I'd be begging Qantas/Air New Zealand to fly SYD-EZE and line it up with connecting flights from Singapore/Tokyo/Shanghai/Beijing/Hong Kong. Sure, we'd see some dollars go out, but even more would come in from. Right now we get little tourism from Oceania/Asia despite the flight time to Sydney being the same as Buenos Aires to Frankfurt.
"Airlines from around the world offer fifth freedom service from Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires with a significant majority of these routes providing connections to destinations in Brazil."

I thought, "Ummm, yeah? There's Jorge Newberry and there's Ezeiza, but I've never heard of this Pistarini..."

So I went to look it up, and apparently that's the formal name of Ezeiza. Who knew?