Wi-Fi in BA


Nov 25, 2009
What would I have to do in order to set up wi-fi in my apartment? Are there any internet service providers that people prefer?

I am also curious how expensive wi-fi is per month. Any thoughts? :)
I prefer fibertel but use arnet because my building does not have the fibertel cables. Their service is good a reliable without any imposed download limits.

I installed WiFi myself by purchasing a router from mercado-libre and connected it to the modem provided by arnet. Other than the purchase cost of the WiFi modem and the monthly arnet subscription, WiFi for me is free!
i think that's how everybody does that around here.
i mean there's this new speedy's add it says something about wireless modem and 3k connection at 70 AR$ but i think it comes with a 6/8 month contract or something like that, so yeah the best you can do it's buy a wireless router by yourself and connect the modem to it, then you just have to mannage your router settings, and that's all.
i think Galerias Jardin (in Florida St.) is the best place to get a good one.
And in the meanwhile you can get free wi-fi connection at starbucks, aroma or tons of coffee stores.
Thank you for all your replies! I do already have my own wireless router and know how to set that up (I work for Apple!) I was just more curious as to which company offers a fast and affordable connection. Right now I have a cable connection so I am able to download at about 3MB/sec. With a connection similar to that in Argentina, what am I looking to pay monthly?
Fibertel price for 3Mega: Modem is free, installation is 60 pesos, 89 pesos for the first 6 months, 120 pesos for the remaining 6 months and then 145 pesos per month after that. I'm from Australia and even 145 pesos per month is cheap by comparison. http://www.fibertel.com.ar/Section.aspx?Id=3212

As far as I know, there are no download caps or limits and internet usage is subject to reasonable use policies.

If you can, buy a wifi router that supports VOIP do it. Use it to make cheap international phone calls (i really dislike skype for technical reasons so use VOIP, an open standards based technology supported by 99% of all telecommunications companies... ahhh, now I feel better :) ).

Something like this off mercado libre should do the trick.