women's clothing


Mar 7, 2008

Where are you favorite clothing stores in BAires? I sadly found out today that the C&A chain is closing (or already has). It was a good place for basics, accessories,etc.

Anywhere else you can recommend similar to H&M, C&A, forever21? At least we still have Zara!

I didn't know about C&A!! Thanks for the heads up.

Have you tried Orix or Normandie? They are both really good places for sweaters, skirts, shirts, etc. They tend to carry more "work separates" (at least to me) than going out stuff, though. I´ve seen Orix scattered around the city (Santa Fe, Florida, Corrientes) and I know that there's a Normandie on Bulnes and Santa Fe and another on Florida.

My all-time favorite store here though is Tramps. If you haven't been there don't let the name and the pleather cocktail dresses in the windows fool you: they have a ton of great t-shirts, sweaters and going-out shirts. I would put them on a very similar level as Forevever 21 and HM in terms of style, price and quality. The only one I know of is on Corrientes and Pasteur, but I'm sure there are more- I just haven't seen them. Check out Once/Almagro along Corrientes. It's a pretty big shopping district with shoe stores, clothes, jewelery, home goods, electronics, etc. But, a lot of the stores only sell to mayoristas or have a minimum purchase, so be sure to ask when you go in.

Also, don't forget about the outlets stores! Blaque, Prune, Ona Saenz, Port Said, Lacoste, Wanama, etc. all have outlet stores along Cordoba. They're mostly clustered around Cordoba and Scalibrini Ortiz, but some of them are along Gurrechaga.

Hope this helps!
I second Normandie... I go to the one on the corner of Corrientes and Uruguay, or it might be one corner up from Uruguay, can't remember!

I must check out this Tramps place... sounds good! I get lots of compliments on the clothes that I bought at Forever 21 when I was holidaying in the states last year... ahhhh gosh I miss REAL shopping with REAL bargains.
Forgive the intrusion of a male reader, but I may be able to help.

For men's clothing, Bs.As. offers a small but good selection of tailors and shirtmakers whose goods are wellmade and cost less, even though custommade, than comparable off-the-rack clothes in North America or England. For a woman, then, mightn't it be worthwhile to consult some of the many dressmakers whose signs one frequently sees in the micro centro and elsewhere in town?

I like Port Said for tshirts and skirts (outlet along Cordoba avenue) and I bought the best tshirts at Ver (one branch on Cabildo and Juramento or nearby) for pants the best for me is Yagmour pants fits just perfect and there is an outlet in CAbildo near Juramento on the first floor in the same branch.