Womens fashion boots long


Mar 5, 2009
Hi coming back next month, can anyone tell me what to expect to pay for good quality long to the knee boots, either flat equestrian style or with a heel..in australia good boots (not made in china) cost around $600Aud, made in china rubbish about $450 aud... want to know if i should wait and buy in argentina.. thanks girls!
Now, you're talkin' girlfriend!! I love boots and shoes. You can get some really HOT, good quality, knee-high boots for around 1,000-1,500 pesos. Of course, there are some available that are more or less expensive but the ones I have bought fall into this price range.
oh okay, so around $1,500 pesos = (approx $500- $750 australian for good boots)...thank you... ive been trying to get an idea of prices on line but keep getting thrown to a mercadolibre site! they are showing leather boots for $280 - im presuming thats $280 pesos? or maybe they show price in us dollars? its so confusing!
Those prices are in pesos. When MercadoLibre has listings in US dollars, it will show that clearly (i.e., U$S 270) on the price tag. When you don't see the U$S the price is in pesos.

And yes, people here can pay with their credit/debit card in installments (when the vendor allows it). Its very common, but my understanding is that it works only with argentinian issued cards (visa, mastercard, etc.)
thanks very much for your reply. i cant believe the prices - how good they are! good leather boots /shoes in australia are either from spain, italy or brazil and very expensive... we import a lot of crap from china now, shoes that are bad leather and dont last but still expensive.

also i thought it very interesting with the c/cards, obviously thats not for me but just found it very interesting.
Please buy some boots. And soon. Like anyone of these for instance.



Pick yourself a style, they will bring me a smile. :)
nice but dont hold your breath for the pochohontas style! HIDEOUS! loving the tan ones... stay tuned!!!
Good morning.

well i was reading this. and.. i think that you can watch and compare prices and quality ( thats what i do here)
there you can find big diference !
the expensive stuff not allways the best.
che out the leather quality first,nothing better that use it and wearing in your own foot.
and then taste with your hand the leather quality.
here in bs as the industry dont import clothes from china.. but there are sinthethics instead of leather.
with those tips.. you can buy exelents boots for about 300 to 450 PESOS.
sorry i forget an important tip
dont try to buy over the turist circuit.. i mean.. all the turist move around the same places again and again..
try to find someone who know places around the "capital federal", there are neighboourhoud with some little down towns. anda lots LOTS of shops with everything you need. the same stuff and sometimes models u dont see in the biggest locals.
of course you can pay it with c.card
hope that can help you