Womens football


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I would love to to play a bit of football, but I dont know where to find a womens team to play. I`m not great, but I used to play a bit.. any one interested for a kick in the park at least? Girls or guys. Im a 27y/o Aussie girl.


I'm a 22 year old girl from Germany, I used to do some kicking in the parks in London. So, if we find some more girls (or guys who are willing to play with girls :) ) I'd be in!


I am a guy, and I always love to play with the girls. ( just don't tell my wife!!!)
Can we exchange shirts at the end, I am sure those are the rules.


The Club Europeo is holding an all-day football tournament for men and women in 2 separate categories.
You might want to sign up (the prices shown are for the entire team, you would only pay for your share)
If you feel you are not up to playing, you might want to go anyway and find other people willing to play in friendly games.
I went last year, if you go, DONT FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN, it´s an open field with no shade at all!!