Women's Hiking Pants


Jul 10, 2008
I'm looking for light weight, light colored hiking pants. Cargo pants, khakis, zip-offs, the kind with pockets - not sure what they are 'officially' called. Anybody know of an inexpensive store in BA that might have such pants?
Montagne has them, but they are probably in the 150 -250 range (pesos). however very good quality. You should have a look anyway since occasionally they have last year's stock at deep discounts.

They're all over the place, but their outlet store is off Cordoba, at Godoy Cruz (when you go over the bridge at Juan B Justo you can see the store, so it's either Godoy or Darwin one block off Cordoba), or go to one of their other stores (Cabildo near Lacroze, Corrientes right near Abasto Shopping, there are others if you look it up.
Oh sorry and I just remembered, there are some camping stores on Juan B Justo -- there's one on Sta Fe between I think Humboldt and Juan B, and then there are a couple on Juan B somewhere in the two blocks btwn Sta Fe and Paraguay