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Feb 3, 2009
I am a foreign correspondent in Brazil (married to a Brazilian). We are planning on moving to BA in the near future and I was wondering about work visa. I have permanent residency in Brazil, will this be of any use to me when I move to Argentina or should I just apply for a journalist visa. If the second option is best, has anybody applied for journalist visa and how difficult is it to get, where can I get more information etc.? As a Brazilian, what does my wife need to get (in terms of documents) for us to live in Argentina? We plan on staying at least a few years.

For a Brazilian to live and work in Argentina is as difficult and complicated as for a US to live and work in Canada or viceversa, though is not impossible.
I guess that to start with you need to have a formal employer.
Hi Bitty, thanks for the reply, but I have no idea about the U.S. /Canada situation as I am Irish. Being Irish it is easy for me to live and work anywhere in the E.U. I assumed it would be the same for Mercosul members.
It's actually pretty easy for a native Canadian to work in the United States and (I think, not certain) not much more difficult the other way around.
I was also under the impression that mercosur nationals had quite an easy process for immigration. However, I've had a hell of a time finding any information online.

Check out the site for migraciones. Personally I find it totally confusing, but you might have better luck.

Click on Información de Interés
then on - Guía para Migrantes del MERCOSUR y Estados Asociados.

It tells you the steps to take but doesn't really outline the criteria for acceptance. I imagine it's just a given that you will be accepted(?). Good luck.
Hello my friend, see here how easy it is for canadian citizens to work in the US, in a next mail

Even with NAFTA, human resource managers face a multitude of unique issues when transferring employees from Canada to the U.S. This page provides three massive checklists containing all of these issues.
The Law Office of XXXXX is prepared to assist HR managers with U.S. immigration permits. Nevertheless there are other related employment issues to handle. Although we do not represent clients in these areas, we share this information with our readers.
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2. Introduction: Canada to U.S. Transfers

Irrespective of whether the transfer to the U.S.A. is short term or permanent, the issues are often complex --- and solutions not quick or easy.
Having said that, this page shows you how you can plan to make transfers effective, cost-efficient and with least hassle to you (the employer), and for the transferee.
As in any major project, good planning --- in advance --- is the key.
Sorry! I was writing ... in my next mail I will translate a sample of the requirements for MERCOSUR workers to get a permit to perform in Argentina legally , not to talk about europeans and north americans!!!
Bitty Cabrera said:
Hello my friend, see here how easy it is for canadian citizens to work in the US, in a next mail . . . .
I suspect that this is the work of one of my less reputable brothers at the bar, trying to gin up "business". A native-born Canadian will not find gaining permission to work in the United States difficult, though the process has become more complex since passage of the Patriot Act and its progeny; naturalized Canadians will find the process more daunting, though many a Moslem or East Indian still chooses to go through Canada rather than attempt the greater difficulty of entering the United States directly for work.

Again, I know little of the reverse route and almost nothing of entering Argentina in search of employment. Thanks for those postings, "Bitty".