Would an Argentine adapt to Northern Europe....


yes, which is why a friend of mine has a successful business based in BA recruiting argentine and other south americans to work in major british, aussie, irish and spanish accountancy firms. www.txtinternational.com bi-lingual argentine workers are in high demand and are usually better qualified than their british etc counterparts. argentines in argentina have a certain reputation but they're as good as anyone else when they work abroad.


Link does not work Can you ask your friend if he sends me an email at granadaiscool @ hotmail . com
It seems to me that if Eastern Europe(especially Poland) does not supply cheap labour anymore the companies in Northern Europe have to turn to Latin America and there are plenty of people available with European pasport(basically a must)


I think it´s absolutely possible. Why don´t you think so?
If conditions are good and the person wants a change, everything is possible