Yoga on the cheap?


Hi everyone,

Since moving (recently) to BA, I've been hoping to find an inexpensive option for yoga. I've seen plenty of places, but the prices are quite high, especially as I have a peso based income.

It might be worth noting that I'm more concerned about finding a place that will give me a good workout than the traditional/ meditative aspects.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me??



Hi Shannon,
I go to this class twice a week in Recoleta (Paraguay). I really like her class, she puts you through a mix of flow, power and ashtanga and like you, I much prefer a work out and often is the case I am hurting the day after. The class is only an hour long but she moves quickly through poses and I always feel energised coming out of there.
It´s 120 pesos a month if you go twice a week.