Yoga/pilates Mat -- Where To Buy


Feb 16, 2014
I'm new to Buenos Aires, here two weeks. I thought I would run into a place I could buy a yoga mat by randomly wandering down Santa Fe or other streets with a lot of stores, but I haven't found one. Is there some kind of sporting goods store or whatever that sells them here? Thanks very much.
I think they sell them at Urban Lotus yoga studio in Palermo hollywood. Try yoga studios
It's a little hard to find yoga mats here. I bought mine through mercadolibre (and picked it up at a sports store near Parque Centenario, on Ave. Angel Gallardo). Also, the gym Megatlon has sports stores in most of its branches, and you can find yoga mats in most of them (I think the brand they carry is Mir, the slim ones (3mm)). I needed a thicker mat because my poor body aches all over, and this place near Parque Centenario had 7mm ones which are actually working pretty nicely. PM if you are interested and I'll look through my papers to try and find the exact address (you don't necessarily have to buy it through mercadolibre, you can just show up at the store). Good luck!
Cheap ones at Carrefour - Paseo Alcorta

Sivananda Yoga should have yoga mats - they are on Sanchez de Bustamante between Pacheco de Melo & Peña.