Your body won't wait for you!


Mar 17, 2007
...whether you need a way to stay fit (and stay inside!) this winter, or you are looking for better posture....whether you need a relief from stress and body pain or you're hoping to increase your body awareness...whether you're looking to continue a lost practice or you're trying it for the first time...take charge of your health with Pilates and/or Yoga training!I am a certified instructor with 10 years of teaching experience. But perhaps more importantly, I love to teach! I enjoy working with others as it allows me to share my enthusiasm for the holistic benefits of
this body work.My training
background is rooted in kinesiology and dance, which gives my approach an
emphasis on postural alignment and full-body awareness. I carefully design personalized lessons,
focusing on the specific interests and needs of the student so that the work is
always safe and enjoyable.

Best rates in BsAs! AR$30
pesos/hour, with discounts for group training.

I teach in the clients place of choice, and also offer
private and group classes in San Telmo.Contact [email protected] for details, references & reservations.