Aug 29, 2006
I am sure there are a couple of Smashing Pumpkin fans out there - so to them - I say - the Zeitgeist CD is out. Came out this morning July 10th. A must have if you are collecting.
I am a fan and bought it off iTunes... what are your thoughts about it. I have been reading reviews like crazy and would love to hear one more
Billy C did not disappoint. He delivered all the way. The drums are spectacular in all of the 12 songs, the lyrics are dead on SP. The backup singers were just perfect and the strings and guitars.... what do you think? Let me just say it was worth the wait. I do not care for the CD jacket for this one < you will know what I mean when you go through the pages> but the Doomsday Clock song pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the selection in the CD.The 7 shades of black, Tarantula (and all songs in it) is definitely a rock lover drummer's dream.
Get the whole CD, you will not be disappointed. How much do the new released CD's go for in BsAs? If you collect the SP CD you would want this.
Sushilovinfun I am glad to know you are a SP fan. Good luck.
I'm not so much of a SP fan. But a music fan, currently especially rock, in general. Rotating on my ipod are the new White Stripes and the new Velvet Revolver. If that's of interesst for you as well, I'd suggest regular record discussions and suggestions at this place. What do you think?
I am a huge music fan (of all sorts) and of course have been trying to bring up my knowledge of bands from Argentina and BsAs. I think that perhaps Babasonicas (sorry there's an accent but I don't know where) might be good for the average rock fan... They were in the park for free last weekend and I really enjoyed their work and I definitely would love to hear other rock/pop/any suggestions for music both from and outside of the city and the country? Did anyone avidly watch Live Earth?As far as Mr. Corgan's album goes, man it has gotten bashed. Now I am bad when it comes to lyrics, so I can't really comment on them, but I found the album as a general catchy, fun, and one of the first rock albums in a while to really re-capture my interest in the genre. As far as it goes, I think a lot of people have been taking a glass half empty view of Corgan's latest venture. It seems like he decided to get the name the Smashing Pumpkins back as a means of dealing with the fact that he had strayed so far from his roots. While it may not quite be there yet, I think this is a great sign that he is getting back to them and of course Jimmy Chamberlain is a great asset to any band. I miss James Iha (even though I am a bassist and not a guitarist by trade) but c'est la vie. I will probably write a more full review on my media blog (mediamasher.blogspot.com) as opposed to my BsAs blog (www.superfacilmente.com)
What's on my player you ask? I have recently picked up the New Young Pony Club album from Britain (i guess they would be put under the "nu rave" banner) as well as some Flaming Lips and more obscure bands like Ladytron, Johnny Headband, and Every Move a PictureI also have listened to and watched Flight of the Conchords from HBO and then a bunch of Spanish-Speaking bands like Soda Stereo, Los Autenticos Decadantes and Veronica Condomí I also have picked up Icky Thump and am trying to get my head around it... perhaps you can help me with this Jedi?