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    Tax Filing Assistance Us-Citize Living Abroad?

    Hello. Can anyone recommend an accountant or tax service to consult on US filing as US-Citizen living abroad? Please PM me. Thanks! Alejandro
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    Expat Tax Service Recommendation?

    Hi. I'm looking to consult with an expat tax service provider, local or not. Do you have any recommendation/advice? Thank you! AP
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    Want To Share The New Yorker?

    I receive The New Yorker weekly and would like to share it. Borrow and return when done. By Charcas & Coronel Diaz.
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    Expat Psychologist Looking For Office Space To Rent

    I endorse the advice on being cautious, specially because some clinical situations may require interventions that will be hard to provide if you are not locally licensed to practice. There are several local private universities that will take courses you've taken in the US, and that can expedite...
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    Us-Tax Filing When Living Abroad?

    Any recommendations for a tax person/company to consult on US-tax filing when living abroad? Thanks!
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    Organic Coop Market - Weds & Sats In The Am

    El Galpon, in Chacarita, by Federico Lacroze station, sells organic vegetables and products. They are a coop and support small producers which adds some fair trade. The bicisenda on Gorriti brings you pretty close, if you are in Palermo. Any...
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    Can't Open A Bank Account Without A Job In Argentina.

    It seems that the requirements for a 'cuenta corriente' are many more than for a 'savings account'. See the requirement for both, from the Banco Nacion, site : For cuenta corriente: Documento Nacional de Identidad (D.N.I.) Constancia de CUIT/CUIL/CDI Recibo de Haberes/...
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    Caffeine In Yerba Mate

    If you are enjoying mate these days, keep in mind that, even when (at equal serving amounts) mate has less caffeine than coffee, if you stick around for long or repeated "mateadas", you'll be intaking lots of caffeine. 8 oz / 1 cup of brewed generic coffee has between 95 to 200 mg of caffeine...
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    Mindfulness Meditation Group - Palermo

    Mindfulness meditation group forming. Free and open to all. Each 90-minute gathering will include an introduction to meditation, 20 minutes of sitting practice, and then discussion of a topic of interest. No experience necesary. It'll be non-religious, laid back, with focus on Buddhist...
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    zafu or meditation cushion?

    Hi. I'm looking to get a Zafu or meditation cusion. If you have one let me know. Thanks. Alejandro.
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    CATALAN is here? please contact !

    Hello Tomokoar, check out It's a center for Catalan studies. Alejandro.
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    Arg-American expat in BA.

    Hello, I was born in Buenos Aires but have lived most of my life in the US. Oregon is home. I'm a 40 y/o male, psychologist, working on social change. Interested in philosophy, systems change, and film. I'll be in BA for a while and would love to connect with others in the baexpats community...
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    New to BA!

    Tyler, Welcome! On the river side of Puerto Madero, right by the statue of Lola Mora, there is the entrance to the Reserva Ecologica, a wildlife park that has a long corridor for running around it. I think that'll add a few miles to your route. Alejandro.