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    Now I feel like a local - our first lawsuit ;)

    very sorry to hear it. this is part of the reason why we have decided to shut down here in BA after 2 years and move to Colombia instead. Good luck with it!
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    Birth Control Pills - Names of Medication

    just curious - how much was the nuvaring?
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    Looking for scale

    just pm'd you. i have two to sell before i move
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    company/S.R.L. for sale

    Captain Cheetah, i've PM'd you with my details. thanks
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    company/S.R.L. for sale

    Hi all, After 2 years in BA working to set up a local office here, my parent company has decided to no longer pursue having an office here. So I have limited liability company (SRL) for sale if anyone is interested. The only step that remains with the company is to register at AFIP for a CUIT -...
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    carnavale in Gualeguaychu

    thanks all! I think we are actually going to do a 'dance and dash' - i.e. get a bus home at 4 am and skip staying in a hotel. I just wanted to be sure i could get tix at the door. It's annoying they don't put them on ticketek anymore! thanks again
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    carnavale in Gualeguaychu

    Hi all, does anyone know how to buy tix for the carnavale show in Gualeguaychu? last year, they were on ticketek, but i can't seem to find it on there this year :( Maybe it's ok to just show up and buy them? thanks!
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    Work and Salary Expectations

    You hit the nail on the head. After just a few years, my company is now leaving Argentina due to the inflation/rising costs. It's simply not sustainable for us and doesn't make sense to stay. Sadly..
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    Punk Rope Fitness and Whisky

    i've done this class before. it's a great workout - recommended!
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    need prescription scuba/snorkel mask

    Hi all, i can't wear my contacts right now and was wondering if anyone know of a dive shop here that would rent out a prescription mask? or if someone has one to rent to me? if i could get one that was a -4.00 or even a -3.00, that would be better than nothing! I know it's a very long shot...
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    Corrective eye surgery?

    Hi Sergio, sure, let me know the info. i'm not actually seeing him through the hospital Aleman, i just know he consults there sometimes because someone else on this forum recommended him when they saw him there. I've been going to his private consultorio. i've been trying to research more...
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    serviced office space in Palermo

    Does anyone know of serviced offices in Palermo? I know about areatres, but we might want something bigger.. Any suggestions appreciated!
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    Corrective eye surgery?

    i am having a final consultation next week and if all's well, i'll have lasik the following week. If I go through with it.. :) everyone I know that has had it is absolutely thrilled they did it. And they say that the risk of getting serious eye infections with wearing contacts over many years...
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    Medical Insurance to travel to US

    i have Medicus and they cover up to either 60 days or 90 days abroad (sorry - can't remember!). I believe Swiss medical does similar plans as well that have international coverage.
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    US notary needed

    ok, it looks like the embassy will do it. but they charge 50usd! seems excessive to me..