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    Best way to transfer USD/EUR for house/land purchase?

    Yeah we're going to build a home on it. We'd looked at houses in the area but the prices are high for what you get, we found land in a nice area of the town and we know someone well who constructs houses so thought it was the best way to go to get a place where we wanted.
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    Best way to transfer USD/EUR for house/land purchase?

    Well today I signed the deeds for my plot of land. I used a "financiera" for the transfer of money from the US to Argentina, it went very smooth, as soon as he had confirmation of the cash in his account in the US I had dollars in my hand in Buenos Aires the next day. He only charged 1% which...
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    Western Union money transfer

    In the main Western Union on Montevideo 825 what are people's thoughts on the max you can pick up in cash without running into availability issues? Has anyone taken out 200k pesos in one go for example? Cheers.
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    Opposition lacking definitions and a leader as elections near

    Although a strange character I feel Javier Millei summed up Juntos perfectly with the nickname "Juntos por el cargo". It will be interesting to see if the front runners are able to avoid stabbing each other in the back as the majority appear to be the types that would sell their own grandmother...
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    Crypto mining booms on cheap, subsidised energy in Argentina

    I informed my girlfriend of the USD Stablecoin and now she's singing it's praises to her family, the government and AFIP are going to be having kittens about crypto very soon given it's potential usage level here.
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    Western Union money transfer

    USD is at 160.68 with Western Union now. For us Europeans dealing with the Euro it looks to be on steroids, it's at 196,71, if (when) it hits 200 I'm popping the champagne...
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    Buy a house in BA?

    I was worried about the price of the land I'm buying with my partner but then I think the same way as you do, can't put a price on having a "home".
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    Buy a house in BA?

    My partner bought her apartment in Once but it was bought with the sale of an inherited house in the province. We're in the process of buying land in the province to build a house, during our search I felt everything was overpriced even in areas of the province, it seems like people would...
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    How to learn Spanish?

    I'd recommend one on one classes on the language learning site Italki, you can find veey reasonably priced tutors from Argentina.
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    CDI appointment

    Thanks Steve!
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    CDI appointment

    Hi everyone, for anyone who has had an appointment for a CDI, can you please confirm if it's just my certificate of domicile and passport (+ copies) that I need to take as a non resident? I saw on some of the links I received from the AFIP that I need to also have a formula 663 completed, is...
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    What is your status while waiting for citizenship application to be processed?

    As someone that loves the idea to retire on a Brazilian beach the ease to live and work in other MERCOSUR countries is the biggest advantage for me.
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    Trying to contol crypto

    "Hi this is the AFIP. Now that we've restricted dollar purchases we see that you are trying to protect the value of your savings from 40+ inflation through crypto? Yeah sorry we can't be having that."
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    Picking up money without ID

    I think they only check that the name matches, I don't think they are checking expiry dates.
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    Chinese delegation in Argentina to offer the Air Force, the supersonic aircraft JF-17

    Nothing says you are on the side of the common worker more than splashing out on supersonic jets while 42% of the country lives in poverty.