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    Western Union money transfer

    Euro is now 161 pesos on Western Union for those of a EUR persuasion.
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    Epicenter of Pandemic in Latin America now becoming Argentina

    I try to refrain from armchair quarterbacking especially with this pandemic so I don't want to comment on whether the strategy was good or bad here, but it was always a mystery to me as to why Fernandez had to do his bi weekly "look at how bad everywhere else is performing compared to us" song...
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    How much is the Arg. peso really worth?

    Either way I never expected to get such a rush from checking the Western Union EUR-ARG rate...
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    Where do you expect to be in one year's time?

    Here in Buenos Aires, met my girlfriend here after arriving in March, here for the long run it seems..
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    For those of you without a full time job, what do you all do in Argentina?

    I'm studying Portuguese, Spanish and web development which I hope to turn into a career freelancing.
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    Shortages and disappearing goods

    I haven't noticed any shortages on my weekly trips to Coto yet but then as a single guy in his early 30s my shopping trips aren't exactly varied. Good information to have though, my Argentine friends were warning me of what could be in store in the near future, what a time to be alive..
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    Bolsonaro has a 'little flu'

    I'm eternally grateful to know it's not just me..
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    Looking for 6-month informal rental options

    I was planning to stay a while in South America at least (I'm teaching English online while travelling), but with the situation as it is I'm going to stay in BA for foreseeable future to wait things out.
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    Looking for 6-month informal rental options

    Another vote for AirBnb, I arrived in March and originally reserved the apartment I am in for 3 months and then extended beyond that for the rest of the year with an agreement outside of AirBnB with the owner.
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    Does Western Union Require a Current Visa?

    When I went to pick up cash they just took a look at the passport number and name, they didn't check the other pages.
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    The quarantine is likely to be extended until July 12th

    At the beginning of the quarantine I joked with friends that the way the situation is going here I'd probably end up qualifying for an Argentine passport before they end quarantine, no one's laughing now....
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    Programmer Salaries

    As someone who is teaching English online while studying programming I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad with the fact I can pull in more than a programmer with an informal online gig teaching English. Thanks for the info!
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    Public School's English Teacher

    Just a suggestion but if the exchange rate continues to be at or around where it is at the moment it might make more sense to teach English online rather than in person while you are here, online roles are typically paid in USD meaning you can live quite comfortably without having to put pedal...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I carried out a few transfers on the Western Union site using my French bank card and picked up here in cash, I just had to answer a few questions about my ocupation and reason for transfer, along with uploading a photo of my passport. When you go to pick it up they just ask for your passport...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I used the Western Union website, I just used my debit card to make these trarnsactions though. It did take a while to do the couple of transations, each page was given me some sort of error, I had to either reload the page or start over. I checked the Western Union site and it's working ok...