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    A New Yorker With A Few Questions

    Greatest Advice for Living in Buenos Aires, Lower your standards for integrity, honesty and punctuality, and you'll do just fine.
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    Waiting in line at the supermarket

    Don't knock seemingly endless ruminating on a check out line. Especially if you've got nothing better to do. You just need to practice napping while standing up.
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    Go back to Omaha.
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    New York Style Cheesecake & Hot Pastrami Sandwhich

    Where can someone whose standards were set at the Carnegie Deli in New York, find the best New York Style Cheesecake & Hot Pastrami Sandwhich is Buenos Aires?
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    Live Jazz, Where do I Hear It?

    I am interested in listening to Live Jazz. Where do I go to hear it and when?
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    Argentine Peso Predictions

    At 25% inflation, Argentina is already hyperinflating. I think it's going much much higher. Not only here, but globally. BsAs real estate sales are down by 50%, according to my RE agent. I would not be surprised if tourism is down, especially from the USA. Anybody know better?
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    Argentine Peso Predictions

    Perhaps an even more relevant, better comparison of the Ar. Peso with another "currency" would be to compare it to the price of gold. Anyone done that? Or, even with the price of tomatos.
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    Buenos Aires - Santa Cruz de la Sierra(Bolivia)

    If you find a better price than what Aeor Sur offer, let us know.