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    Why can't I get what I pay for at Starbucks?

    Seriously people...get a life
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    Do they sell real Christmas trees?

    I love mulled wine at xmas, but don't give too much to tangobob or he will fall off his soap box. ;)
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    Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City

    Yet another urban myth. Check your facts first!
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    Dog owners

    I hear you've walked a few dogs in your time tangobob!!
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    Non recycling wax places

    Just guessing! ...but you seem to know all about me.
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    Non recycling wax places

    Why does a hairy bloke know about using an epilator?
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    English supplies

    Just cod off tangobob!
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    Re: Missing British Food??

    A big greasy fry up followed by some warm beer - you can't beat it!
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    Global recession and Argentina

    If she buggered up the country that bad how come her succesor was voted in as the next prime minister? You must look at the seventies through rose coloured spectacles.
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    Global recession and Argentina

    If I have a talent for anything it seems to sending everyone off topic. Well never mind at least it gets entertaining. It must be your only talent tango, it's obviously not politics.
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    Global recession and Argentina

    I think you will find THAT woman dragged Britain into the 20th Century. Up until that point the unions were controlling the country. Her great policys helped Britain to become one of the great countries, it wasn't until Blair came along and tried to make politics cool that it went wrong. I...