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    Two men found stabbed to death in Palermo

    I got robbed at gunpoint by a some idiot....I was out jogging with my Argentine friend, and he came out of nowhere. Pretty stupid when you think about it....what do runners have?.....a good watch money... This happened outside of the gated communities by Pilar (suburbs of BA). Then...
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    I Have TWO apartments AVAILABLE Now

    If anyone is looking for an apartment, short term or longer term, we have 2 available. We are taking care of them for some friends of ours and for the next month they are available. There is a one bedroom and another that is 2 bedrooms + and office den. You can see them on our website...
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    Where is the best sushi in BA?

    I didn't have time to read through all the posts on this topic, but one place that my sister in law here just LOVES is the restaurant in the Japanese Tea Garden located on....I think Berro and Casares....and lots of people tell me the same thing...good Sushi...
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    US Wire transfer question

    "Yeah, but you're the same guy who made that silly post about the so-called new tax in September. Credibility, dude, credibility." VMS: Here is some "credibility": Start practising your Spanish! Aren't I a...
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    opening bank account for "residento transitario"

    I apologize if I dont understand some of the terms....I'm more used to the Argentine spanish at this point... you mean up to what amount can you deposit money without declaring? I have a feeling that number would have to do with your "Technical Cash on Hand" amount......this...
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    NEW TAX on ALL PROPERTIES required and DUE by September 15!

    Hi Marc, We have a very good accountant that worked for about 15 years FOR the he has his own studio and handles all the accounts of my brother in laws, (all Argentines) along with my own accounts. He's been with them for over 20 years. He is my #1 source for all my...
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    I have 2, ONE bedrooms available, Soho, Recoleta

    If anyone is looking for a place, I have 2 one bedrooms of friends of mine, (Americans) that left me their apartments to rent out. One is in Palermo Soho on Malabia and the other is over in Recoleta on Arenales. Both are newly remodeled and have all new equipement inside. Both have Internet...
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    opening bank account for "residento transitario"

    Another thing.....if anyone is wanting to open an account for the purpose of BUYING A PROPERTY, I am using a very good financial service located in Recoleta.....they are very thorough, helpful, and their comisions are below case, email me at:
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    opening bank account for "residento transitario"

    I know that if you are buying a property here in BA you CAN open an account, but MOST branches will send you away as they are unaware of the specifics on how to do it. I have personally accompanied 3 clients of mine in the last few months to open accounts. BUT, you have to think of the...
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    NEW TAX on ALL PROPERTIES required and DUE by September 15!

    Yes, as a matter of fact it is a tax on ALL your wealth, including cars, boats, foreign deposit accounts, etc....but for all of you Americans living here in B.A. I thought to only mention the tax on property for the sake of simplicity….now, here’s the catch…..and it’s in YOUR favor. It is a tax...
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    US Wire transfer question

    You just cant open an account here UNLESS it is strictly for the purpose of BUYING a property....AND the only banks I know that WILL do that require you to be recommended by a financial institute here in BA....I know them and they will do it for you, but it must be TO BUY a property. They will...
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    NEW TAX on ALL PROPERTIES required and DUE by September 15!

    There is a NEW additional tax being implemented by LAW for ALL properties in the Province of BUENOS AIRES. This tax is going to be DUE between the 5 and the 15th of September, 2007. If you owned a property or automobile on or before DECEMBER 31st, 2006, you will have to pay this additional...
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    Apartment advise.

    And just a comment.... If anyone is coming to B.A. right now.....remember to MAKE DEALS as there are lots of apartments available and very slow tourism....and its COLD!
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    I have a ONE BEDROOM apt in Recoleta if anyone needs it?

    I have a one bedroom on the street of Arenales and near Laprida, near the subway, if anyone is looking for one. It is FULLY furnished with everything including internet and a cel phone. The kitchen is complete and there is a queen bed plus a hide-a-bed sofa....all new. Just finnished it and we...
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    Has anyone traveled around Argentina? I'm looking for a good vacation spot!

    I want to find a good place this winter to go on vacation. I thought of Merlot....or San Luis.....somewhere where the weather might be a little warmer. If anyone has some ideas, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks! Paul