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    Moving Sale

    to all who are writing, feel free to e-mail me at, or call me at 4777-3330. best steve
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    Moving Sale

    Am moving away from B.A. Let me know if any of the following interest you! all prices in pesos Mobile Air Conditioner - $700 Black two Pillow couch, fake leather very comfy - $700 Futon, un poco roto, -- negociable 6 small coffee cups with plate- $30 Double Mattress, not in excellent shape...
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    Ultimate Frisbee!

    If interested, we play every Saturday from 16:00 on in Ciudad Universitaria, Cancha 8, plus have some training sessions during the week. More information,, or, or e-mail Ian at Best, Steve
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    Marrying in Argentina (and the US?)

    Am currently going through the I-130 process to bring my wife to the states (we are currently both living in B.A.) , and would love to talk to someone else who went through it here in Bs. As., for advice, timelines, etc. Please send me a private message or send me an e-mail to...
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    Need to bring document down...

    Hello there, I am trying to bring a baptismal certificate down from the states within the next week, is anyone traveling down here soon? It is for my marriage, and I have forgotten this one detail and am now on a tight timeline... It is just a sheet of paper, very simple thanks! Steve...
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    Will anyone bring frisbees from U.S. for me?

    Greetings to all... I am involved with the local Ultimate Frisbee club (check us out at, or We have been growing quite a bit, and we need to bring back more high quality Discraft Frisbees from either U.S., or Canada, or there also...
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    Ultimate Frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee Pickup games, on Saturdays from 4.00 on. If interested, contact me at 4777-3330 or 15-4472-0587 or via e-mail at Also, check out our blog at
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    Water Filter for Drinking Clorinated Water

    My girlfriend actually sells PSA water filters. I, and 2 of my friends, have them and are quite happy with them. If interested, i'll be happy to put you in touch with her and/or let you know a little bit more about my experience with them, 4777-3330 or 15-4472-0587. or write me at...
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    immigration serrvices

    I am originally from Michigan, and have lived down here for 10 years, and recently worked with a team of two immigration lawyers that helped me out immensely with some immigration issues that I had to take care of. They are excellent professionals, and are highly recommendable. If you are...
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    I am originally from Michigan, have lived in B.A. for 10 years, and currently work as a professional interpreter and translator, should anyone have need of such a strange creature. My e-mail is, and my phone number is 15 4472 0587.
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    Ultimate Frisbee Pickup games

    I help organize an ultimate frisbee pickup game on Saturdays at 16.30 in Ciudad Universitaria... it is a nice mixed crowd, about 50% expats, 50% argentines... if anyone is interested, send me an e-mail at, call me at 15 4472 0587, or check out our website at...
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    ultimate frisbee pickup games

    we play ultimate frisbee sundays at 16:30... if interested, send me an e'mail or give me a call, 15 4472 0587...