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    Nice area. We have a house in Olivos. There is a good cafe shop near South of the pargue. The pargue has a artist market. Taco Box is under the Tren de la Casa for good mexican food and my favorite pizza place is La Favrolla ? sp on Malpu.
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    Inflation article

    Looks like we aren't the only ones who keep receipts to prove the real cost of inflation. Earning pesos here and trying to get by is getting harder.
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    Day trips

    Thanks for pointing that out SaraSara...Mar de plata isn't too far if you drive it.
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    Day trips

    Go South of the city to Mar del Plata. They have a lovely, natural history museum.
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    Planning a move to BA. Needing job search tips

    Try the Buenos Aires Herald on Sunday. Also, realize that if you move to the country and find a job you will be mostly like paid in Pesos at a local salary. Lincoln will pay you in Peso if you move here then get a job with them. Personal experience. I'm from Chicago and I will tell you it...
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    Relocating in the next 6 months...

    Try the Buenos Aires Herald on Sunday. Also, realize that if you move to the country and find a job you will be mostly like paid in Pesos at a local salary. If you want to earn a better salary be sure to read this one...
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    Best way to mail a letter to the USA?

    Look for the Correro. (Might have missed spelled that) The letter I mailed to US was 4 pesos and 90 centavos and three pages long. It got there quickly two weeks, faster than mailing it from Chicago.
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    Container shipping question

    We moved here with a 20ft container that was delivered to our home. The only issues we had were with our artwork, rocks, and my animal heads. I'm a scientist so I had my collection of things through the years. I was impressed with the wrapping of items. It was better than the States. They...
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    Container shipping question

    We had movers come out one day load boxes and label each box with a number for customs along with description. The next day we had an empty shipping container (40ft) at the house. Movers loaded boxes in container, sealed it, and took it to the docks.
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    Mortgages, what are the options here in BA?

    A local friend of mine was looking at buying a $250K house in Quilmes. The mortgage terms were only for $70-80K US at 20% interest for 2 years. He decided to wait a couple of more years to pay for the house in full. He was just tired of living with his parents at the age of 35.
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    Commuting from Boating or San Isidro Chico

    A couple of options: Take the Tigre line into Retiro then take a cab (1 hour) or catch the 20 bus 1 hour or 45 minutes. If you close to the Maipu Ave or Sante Fe up there you can take the express semirapido bus 152 bus it will take about 1 hour 30 minutes. If you drive you can take 1 hour or...
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    How to get US Xbox to work

    We used an transformer and a US/Argentina power strip from Casa de Transformers. I works great. We couldn't do the apple TV bit because we lived outside the country and would have to set up a proxy server in the US.
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    Jew in Buenos Aires

    The AMIA is a good place and their website has a list of events. In Florida, north of Gen. Paz, there is a temple, reform, that has great activities. Which ever place you decide to go make sure your bring your passport. Security is tight. Happy Channukah!
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    We have to be nimble and precise!

    The change is the America's dollar losing value.
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    We have to be nimble and precise!

    I try not to watch the fearless leader anymore since all we have is hope and promise. You can't really blame him since most of the government is controlled by the banksters.