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    Quality/Speed of internet

    Thanks. Indeed excellent connection. Ping bit high but still good considering distance and usage.
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    Quality/Speed of internet

    Kindly run test to any US server location for more accurate results.
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    Potentially Moving to Argentina

    I cannot see how someone with good foreign income can willingly subject himself to Argentinian taxation. Tourists stamps for as long as possible then settle nearby where foreign income is not taxed.
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    Bank Fraud Lawyer Advice

    Would you mind describing in greater detail what actually happend?
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    borders closed with judicial endorsement

    Same in Paraguay and Brazil. It is perfectly legal to enter the country anywhere as long as one is authorized to do so and does not carry false documents. As far as US is concerned, you get arrested for illegal entry.
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    Vaccination Tourism Has Started

    It is still for free, no waiting and they do not check residency status in Palm Beach county. Getting emails every day.
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    It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

    Interesting you mention that, as this is exactly where nyt and other corporate media keep their readers occupied.
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    It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

    After Wikileaks and more recently Hillary's emails, nothing nyt writes can be taken at face value. This specific piece is full of emptionatal phrases and characterizations, pure fiction and propaganda. Contemporary videos conflicting with nyt narrative are ignored.
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    Borders remain closed

    Azul FLL-VCP flies every day. Great price too.
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    Argentina now ridiculously cheap for tourists

    Comparable quality meat is still available from local butcher for USD12-15 a pound. If one can cook.
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    Argentina locked down early and hard. Now cases are exploding

    ... while Paraguay is slowly opening borders.
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    For those of you who are good or bad is your Castellano accent?

    The closest I get to castillano is hochdeutsch. :-]
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    What pandemic safety precautions are you taking?

    Vitamins: D= 40ng/mL, C= 22mg per pound
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    US recipients of SS payments

    If this is what you want to do, why not just give SSA your bank aba and account number. You get the money next day. :)
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    How Uruguay tamed the virus

    Your pool must come with an icebreaker to get any use of it, considering temperatures down there lately. Locals love me because I spread wealth around. Did exactly that last night when got delayed and stopped by the Paraguay finest. Wops I broke law again but please do not feel unsafe...