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    Need to buy fabric...

    and then on the web there are those website places where you can send in a picture or a design and they will print your own "pattern" fabric. so you can have exactly what you want. in however many yards you want. like
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    Buenos Aires, 10th Happiest City in the World

    sex why else are all the single men here
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    CDI/Opening Bank Account Account

    you should remember on all irs filings for the us government you need to report any foreign bank accounts to be legal.
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    Need to buy fabric...

    i dont have a map handy but one block parallel to pueyrredon, i would say Larrea the whole district south and around cordoba, on this street is all fabric stores not just one block, really the whole area there are hundreds of fabric stores
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    Why is it so important to have a round trip tix?

    again another traveller from the states who has never been asked to show any proof of a round trip ticket and ive been in and out maybe 25 times in the past four years. personally i usually find buying a round trip ticket is cheaper than buying a one way and often buy a round trip just...
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    where to stay in peninsula valdez???

    ive been to calafate salta iguazu perito moreno el chelten mendoza and all the surrounding towns, and of course, bariloche - they are wonderful but, and im sorry to say the landscape around puerto madryn is dismal. boring bland it is not a high light. coming into town there is approx five km of...
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    Nonprofit organization seeks volunteer fundraising director

    even in countries and places with lots of funds and sources of money available. it would be considered a totally unfeaseable suggestion for a volunteer to raise 1 mil usa in six years. any interested parties beware and dont get taken for a ride. investigate if you want to, but be on guard...
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    where to stay in peninsula valdez???

    i usually have great trips and think of myself as a traveller who can usually smile at most things. but i recently took a trip to puerto madryn and i have to admit to not having a very pleasant vacation. first parts maybe my fault. its not really the season. there are a few whales but...
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    How can we improve Argentina?

    that last post doesnt mean we should give up. it just shows its not easy even when you want to give or help. one project i still have in my system is fixing the sidewalks. each building is responsible for its sidewalk and technically you cant fix someone elses. but i got a guy on my block. i...
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    Best Bife de Chorizo

    the best cuts of beef get sent to other countries and other cities like ny chicago china wherever. you can get a good steak here but its a long way from the best. i expect to be murdered after saying this but its true
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    How can we improve Argentina?

    after trying five different directions to offer my services gratis or without mentioning anything. all were dead ended. not received well. and basically left me feeling rather poorly so to speak. in more truthful words, they made me feel like my opinion, my offer, my ideas were stupid as...
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    Great Argentine Bands

    la bersuit os redondos, las pelotas, sumo,la renga, divididos
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    usually vodka with oj or with fanta if the oj seems to have evaporated over night.
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    Need help with Computer Issue!

    lots of good people stepped up to help.........great. i have a few computer issues myself and sometimes so do a few friends. while we are on the topic, does anyone know a reasonable priced computer place that offers maybe not always repair, but also some assistance, dont mind paying for...
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    ATM Update

    i have been using banco rio atm on santa fe and uriburu and some other bank across the street using my capital one debit card from usa and my cap one credit card and it allows 700 peso per transaction (there may even be an option to ask for more but i was in a hurry) with the 11.something peso...