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    Reopening of some tourism

    are they going to still require quarantine for returning Argentine citizens/residents?
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    Non-Stop Exodus of Multinationals Leaving Argentina...!

    according to wikipedia there are variations of Note 20 Ultra supporting different network bands. One variation supports 5G and another variation does not support 5G. And apparently argentine variation does NOT support 5G. At this time and age when all major networks in the US already have 5G...
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    Vice Presidential Debate

    Kamala was just talking sentimental empty shit like Dems always do. Don't see how she won these debates.
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    Why Argentina over other countries?

    regarding sales tax -- Wash. residents can do trips to neighboring Oregon which has zero sales tax.
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    Why Argentina over other countries?

    matter of personal taste and preferences. I lived in Seattle suburbs for 7 years. Now 1.5 years in the Bay Area. Time hasn't changed my first impressions -- I like Pacific Northwest much more and I'm going to return back to Washington state (with zero state income tax) as soon as possible...
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    Why Argentina over other countries?

    it doesn't make much sense to judge American cities by their proper population because it's usually just a patchwork of adjacent towns. Seattle metropolitan area is home to several millions people and headquarters for great number of great companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Expedia...
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    The Secrets to Thriving in Argentina.....

    This makes me wonder... With US subscription to Netflix I can come to any supported country (e.g. Argentina or Russia) (or just simulate moving to a country via VPN) and then with my US subscription I can watch Argentine or Russian selection of films while in this country. Is it possible to do...
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    locked out of my canadian online banking!

    for calls you can use great quality and just 1 cent per minute for calls to north american numbers. And calls to toll-free numbers are indeed toll-free.
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    For those of you who are good or bad is your Castellano accent?

    I wonder where this notion of Argentine Castellano vs. Spain's Spanish comes from? The Constitution of Spain states that Castellano is official language of Spain. So it's castellano in Spain.
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    Time to dump the peso?

    It does not matter much in which currency CURRENT prices are nominated. Normally you can always convert currencies. So at any given moment of time N dollars is X pesos. What really matters is in which currencies debts, contracts and other FUTURE obligations are nominated. This is crux of the...
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    Non-Stop Exodus of Multinationals Leaving Argentina...!

    does this mean changing conditions for everybody or playing favorites with select businesses? Because the latter means corruption.
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    Non-Stop Exodus of Multinationals Leaving Argentina...!

    I think there is big difference between going bankrupt and exiting select countries. Going bankrupts (like J.C.Penney) means company's entire business model and practices failed. It tells more about company than a country. J.C.Penney does not flourish in Canada either. Exiting select counties...
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    Internet Speed via Cable and Wi/Fi ?

    if you observe 20Mbps this means that you likely utilize older 802.11g standard and 2.4GHz frequency. You'd better make changes to enable switching to 5GHz. If you use WiFi from your modem -- don't do this. Better buy dedicated WiFi router with multiple antennas and 5GHz support. And connect...
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    Buenos Aires adapts to post-pandemic urban living

    are you from Europe or California?