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    The pandemic: The view after 5 months

    not that I approve any of these restrictions but there is certain logic in this -- kids are the least likely to be affected but they still can spread virus and infect all their relatives.
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    Argentina virtual phone number

    I used Argentine numbers are $5 per month Texting is not available. Only voice.
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    Using SUBE card during the quarentine

    I would not trust Argentine programmers to properly encode a condition which triggers blocking...
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    Looking for a reliable VPN

    well, making you indistinguishable from other people in desired location was never a promise of VPN services. At least, not their main promise. Their main promise is to shield you from non-free environment where certain activities and free speech are prohibited and certain websites are blocked...
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    Looking for a reliable VPN

    I have been using Windscribe for couple of years now -- stable and reliable.
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    Keeping the quarantine versus adding ICUs

    Exactly. Sheltering entire country in place is the most expensive way to handle the pandemic. Ever.
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    Are you illegal while waiting for residency?

    So what was the date of this document? What number of days passed between Migraciones' approval of your permanent residence and the day you finally received DNI in mail (June 17th)?
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    Programmer Salaries

    are you sure? In my experience observing many Indian immigrants on the West Coast of the US: this might depend more on their region/state of birth rather than education. English is lingua franca and native language for many of them. They speak their own dialect (Indian English) but they are...
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    Areas of reform

    why do you think minimum wage could help in this case? Sounds like government already pays too high wages and businesses just cannot pay comparable wages to those people. Or there's just not enough businesses because they do not see a way to make enough money to compete.
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    What About Birth Tourism In Argentina

    Rules/laws are written by multiple different authorities (with different concerns and interests) and they were written over extensive period of time. Moreover they try to achieve multiple conflicting objectives. In this case primary objectives are: (1) give Argentine citizenship to newly born...
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    Claro cell phone account payment

    is paying with local credit card worse than local debit card in some aspect?
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    LATAM just filed for bankruptcy

    bankruptcy is protection from creditors. Their US-based holding is probably the company which actually had to pay back the loans.
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    LATAM just filed for bankruptcy

    Time to finally build that Darien Gap highway
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    LATAM just filed for bankruptcy

    Quote from this article: How does one file for bankruptcy with such an amount of cash on hand??
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    110 Voltage help

    not only them, but a lot of appliances like shavers, water flossers. Even most (if not all) large Vizio TVs are dual voltage. What is usually single voltage -- large laser printers, rice cookers, air friers, shredders.