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    Expropriation of airlines

    How is it possibe for Chistina to expropriate Aerolineas Argentinas? I thought Aerolineas Argentinas was a Spanish owned company DQ.
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    VP Palin interview on ABC TV TERRIFYING

    Quoting Barak Obama regarding the lack of issues being discussed by the McCain camp. "The American people are not stupid". In light of a loseing war in Iraq and Afganistan the housing crises the bailing out of Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Today Leaman Bros and Morgan Stanely and the...
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    How Stupid will America be???

    Hi Steve. It is not a ocupation when you let someone into you house and then let them sleep with your wife. Remember the American electorate twice gave Bush/Chaney the first privlige. DQ
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    How Stupid will America be???

    I hate to start off with a tired old cliché “ He who forgets history is condemned to relive it”. Fast foreword 5,000 years. Year 2000. Buy dot com stock it will keep going up forever, everybody gets rich. Year 2002 the dot com bubble burst. Time to buy Real Estate. Prices will go up forever...
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    Flights U.S > SA, SA>US

    I am planing to spend the winter in South America. Depart the US around January 2009, I don't have a frim date to return th the US. Two one way tickets are almost the price of two round trip ticket. Those of you travelers that wing it. What is the best or cheapest way to fly. Unlike BsAs most...
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    Price of gasoline.

    What is the price of gasoline in BsAs? I'll do the conversion. I understand that there are a lots of autos running on LNG. Is gas subsidized? What are the political effects of the rise in the cost of fuel. I understand there are major protest in Europe. DQ
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    Pay for cleaners

    cbphoto Your generosity is only exceeded by your bull s**t. . Sure pay your maid double the going rate. Let the taxi driver take you for a ride, he could use the extra cash. Don't complain when the laundry wants to charge you 30 pesos when Portenos are charged 20 pesos or the vegetable vendor...
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    I should title this post as (why I didn't move to Buenos Aires). rmartinbuenosaires You don't have to live in the hills of West Verginia to find affordable housing. I live in Souther Oregon on a 1500 sq ft house on a quater of an acre lot with a view of the mountains and a major university...
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    Turn on the news G. It's already happening. Food riotes in Hati, Nigeria, Gahana. the Pilippines. Hording in Indonesia, India. Argentina seeing food prices rise. Someone had the bright idea of converting corn into ethonol so the US can keep their SUVs. So the price of corn skrocketed, more...
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    Galloping inflation

    Hi bigbadwolf. I will be the first to commend you on your knowledge of economics. I being a BSEE. find economics to be the dismal science. If the above scenerio were true. No 1. a person holding dollars could buy Euro then with Euros buy Argentine peso and then with the pesos buy dollars and...
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    Galloping inflation

    How does inflation in Argentina affect those that hold dollars? When there is inflation the country's currency is worth less in the globle money market and the exchange rate is adjusted to reflect the decline in value of the currency. I have not seen an ajustment in the exchange rate peso vs...
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    Cheap Spanish course

    Just a word of caution when selecting Spanish instruction, not all instructors are alike. Just because a person is fluent in English dose not make a good instructor. A qualified instructed should have a knowledge of teaching principals. I had an private instructor in Buenos Aires who spoke...
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    Tarrifs and Taxes.

    While living in BsAs. I had the opportunity to compare prices on a varity of good. I found that in Argentina manufactured goods are much more expensive then in the U.S. As an example, my land lady insisted I buy her a new micro-wave oven. (I burned some food and there was a burned smell). even...
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    sour cream, smoked hams, real gruyere, rhubarb

    Masalur. Where do you think you are? Ottawa. I can't even find common ground pepper here. DQ
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    Nees some food

    Iv'e got 5 day left in BsAs, I've been here for 3 months . In these 3 months I have not had a decent meal here in BsAs. The steak have been over done to the consistancy of shoe leather. I'm not knockin Argentines, maybe they like their steaks burned, I think Argentine can compete with the...