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    River plate

    Hi I was thinking of watching the River plate game this sun at 7.30pm (near Belgrano). IS anyone already going or does anyone fancy that? I was going to just turn up and buy tickets at the stadium, unless someone tells me that is not a good idea. Bye
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    learn spanish quick

    Hi Can anyone recommend people who do decent spanish lessons. There are millions on the internet, so it is difficult to see which ones are good or not. I would rather do them in a group + I am working so it would need to be after 5pm or at the weekend. Any help is appreciated. Cheers
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    Just arrived in BA from London

    Hi I've just arrived from London. I'm 30, don't know anyone here and wanted to see if anyone fancied a beer, watch sport, cinema or anything else. Currently living in belgrano with a family and working near Retiro station. cheers