River plate


I was thinking of watching the River plate game this sun at 7.30pm (near Belgrano). IS anyone already going or does anyone fancy that? I was going to just turn up and buy tickets at the stadium, unless someone tells me that is not a good idea.


Hey Edwin,
I'm a River Plate fan and member of the club. I usually go every "home" game they play, but unfortunately I won't be in town this sunday
I advise you to buy a ticket for the "General San Martin" stand, or the "General Belgrano" stand. Both are seated sectors. Within these stands you can choose for:
Platea Alta - cheapest (50 pesos or so), 2nd tear, prety far from the pitch.
Platea Media - covered seating, excellent view, and most expensive - 100 pesos)
Platea Baja - Closest to the pitch, but no roof above your head. Price inbetween platea alta and media.

You can easily go there on sunday (let's say six thirty) to buy your ticket. But don't accept any offers from the touts, they'll have plenty tickets @ the ticket office.
If you've got any further questions, dont hesitate to send me a mail tek[at]dds.nl or leave a message here.
have fun.. and