learn spanish quick


Jan 23, 2008
Can anyone recommend people who do decent spanish lessons. There are millions on the internet, so it is difficult to see which ones are good or not.
I would rather do them in a group + I am working so it would need to be after 5pm or at the weekend. Any help is appreciated.
Quoting "Edwin":
"Can anyone recommend people who do decent spanish lessons."
I'd recommend my own teacher, Stella Maris García. She understands English, lives centrally. The telephone number I have for her is (11) 4373 7716.
Quoting "Edwin":
"I would rather do them in a group."
For group classes, I found the Laboratorio de Idiomas, of the UBA, to offer best value. The CUI, formerly associated with the UBA, also is good. As for the rest of the myriad schools out there: I really don't know.
I should add, Edwin, that I find individual lessons with a skillful teacher to be the fastest way to learn a language well; it also is the most cost-effective. Of course, others may learn better in another manner.
hi there,

Well, i tell you i love a group dynamic when it comes to spanish lessons.
I've taken a few weeks at IBL and it is excellent. The biggest drawback is that the classes are 5 days a week @ 4hrs per day. It cost $135 per week.
I alternate between that and a private tutor.

But I must say again - the classes are really run very well. It's like they treat you as if you are 5 yrs old - meaning - the activities within the class constantly change. You can be working out of your workbook - then listening to some audio - participating in a group exercise - the 4hrs fly by. But I personally can't maintain that schedule.
Uba is good but the classes are too big for my liking. In my last IBL class, there were 3 of us.

thats all i have....
also i have a great tutor at 30 pesos per hour -
HeyaI am new to Buenos Aires and I am planning to take some classes at UBA. I at starting at the beginning so I need all the help I can get! Could you please tell me more about IBL? Where are they situated? Are they good for beginners?